Dealing With Sage 50 Error Connecting to Database

Sage 50 Error Connecting to Database

In this article Sage users learn how to fix “Sage 50 Error Connecting to Database” by own in less-timing. Sage is touted as one of the best payment solutions package but like every other vast software Sage is also accustomed to errors at times that need a multi-dimensional troubleshooting approach to fix them.

One of such error is when Sage 50 fails to establish a connection to the database. Fortunately has a solution to every Sage related problems. Just try to implement this step by step solution provided below. These solutions are compiled in an easy to understand way which users can implement easily.

Error Description: Sage 50 Error Connecting to Database:

  • The file is located on the server but while trying to open it, the error “Cannot open company file location and name” appears in 30-60 seconds suggesting the Error: “There is an error connecting to the database”
  • Connection manager timed out
  • Cannot connect to Server
  • User receives a “Not Responding” message
  • Sample company cannot be opened

The Causes of Sage 50 Cannot Open the Database:

  • The file is still open in the background while a backup is being performed
  • The database files attributes change to the Read Only mode
  • There are Issues with the OS or the .NET framework
  • The Sage 50 may not have the permission to access the folder hosting the data

Here is a Some Possible Steps to Resolve Sage 50 Error Connecting to Database:

Follow the all possible steps to fix your issue..

☐ Step 1: If data files are stored on the server, then test run the sample company

  • Go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Simply Accounting\201X\Samdata\

☑   If the sample company opens fine, then follow the steps below –

  • Ensure that the firewall is configured appropriately (ports responsible for the communicating with the Connection Manager are added)
  • Find out whether your company data is saved

There may be chances that the program is installed on the C drive and data is stored in D drive. In this case, you need to check the permission of the shared folder where the data is located.

  • Otherwise, you can make a new shared folder on the root of C:\, and move the data in the new folder
  • Ensure that you give full permissions to all the users.
  • Now try to open data from the recently made new folder.

☑   If the sample company doesn’t open

  • Check the firewall or antivirus in case it has blocked Sage 50 processes and give it full access
  • For Windows XP users, if antivirus/firewall has been properly configured and the sample company still doesn’t open, then there might be a problem with Microsoft .NET Framework as it may be corrupted or damaged.

☐ Step 2: Check the ODBC issue

  • Go to the Control Panel >> Program and Features >> See if ODBC is installed on your computer
  • Ensure that MySQL Connector/ODBS 3.51 and MySQL Connector/ODBS 3.52(a) both are installed
  • If you find the ODBC missing – then both the ODBC versions need to be installed. For this browse to the location: C:\Sage\Sage 50 Accounting <version>\BIN\MySQLODBC\
  • And then go to mysql-connector-odbc-commercial-<version>.exe, right-click, select and install
  • If the ODBC is installed – Then data inconsistencies needs to be resolved.
  • For this, you can get in touch with the Sage tech support team to further help you with this issue.

☐ Step 3: Make sure the server and workstation are setup to private networking mode

  • Click on bottom Windows icon known as the Start menu and type home group
  • Then select Home-group – Select Change network location.
  • Select Discover-able Yes.
  • Right-click Network icon and Select Open Network and Sharing Center
  • Verify that the network shows as Private network and close the window

☐ Verify that the company should now open

In case you have followed these simple steps to check whether the program file is located in the right place and is accessible and that no antivirus or firewall prevents the file from opening but still you haven’t managed to resolve the Sage 50 cannot connect to database error then there are some extra steps that need to be performed like checking the default program’s directory location. Even the system requirements for 2018.x have changed and these are not the same as their older versions.

It’s time to get more comprehensive assistance from Sage experts who have a great deal of experience in dealing with all such issues related to sage.

Last wording:

Sage support team is a committed pool of professionals who are trained to provide best guidance and support for Sage. We are a one-stop shop for fixing all errors and issues related to “Sage 50 cannot open the database”. Our experts have all the necessary tools to go to the root cause of the problem, run a series of tests and give the best possible remedy to an error “Sage 50 Error Connecting to Database”.

Sage customer support experts are available 24*7*365 for you to provide the best technical support on the Sage line of products.

Users can also engage with our experts through online chat or may write in detail about their requirements; issues or questions and one of our experts will get right back with the credible solution Dial 1800-986-6931.

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