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Epson is one of the leading brands, which occupies large users in the competitive market. It has one of the most reliable printers, projector, scanner, smart glass and Ink for your business requirements despite any kinds of documents, photos, labels, large-formats, receipts, or even apparels.

But, there are several errors people use to come across like windows OS problems, software issues, wireless connectivity problems, driver issues, the slow running of the system, virus removal issues, printer problems, data backup other issues. To find the best solutions to the issues caused by EPSON product, the team of experienced and professional customer service has been providing for the user.

Some of the Common Issues Faced in EPSON are listed below:

✘ There is a problem in Power Supply which might be caused because the printer’s voltage rating does not match the voltage of the electrical outlet.

✘ Paper feeding or loading problems which might be because of various reasons like Continuous paper feeding, or paper thickness, improper fitting etc.

✘ Printing positioning problem where the text appears to be too high or too low which may be because of the paper size setting does not match the size of the paper you are using.

✘ Printout or Printing quality problems which may cause when the printer is broken or twisted or in case, the printer is not properly connected to the computer.

✘ Mostly there is a network problem faced by people when the network setting is Incorrect.


Solution to Issues Causes in EPSON through Live Chat Support Epson Printer:

✔ If the voltages do not match, unplug the printer immediately and contact your dealer. Check the printer and the outlet voltage ratings too.

✔ Set the paper release lever to the single-sheet position and insert a new sheet and then press the Load/Eject button to feed the continuous paper back to the standby position.

✔ Check the setting in your application or printer driver.

✔ Make sure that the interface cable is not broken or twisted. Replace the cable If you have another interface cable, and check whether the printer works correctly.

✔ When the print job is executed, the printer or your computer may have a problem. Check whether or not print jobs from other computers are being printed through the network.


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At, we provide the customers with the best support as per the requirement and queries. It is widely spread to all the EPSON printers, by providing all necessary information to the user to

  • You can connect with our team anytime you seek for support.
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Communication Channel:

We have very wide communication channels, our team is available through various modes, you can get in touch with our technical support team via Live Chat, via Official Email Address or via our Technical Assistance Toll-Free Number 1800-986-6931 and we will revert to your mode as soon as possible.


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