Fix Sage Error Code 1334

Sage Error 1334 signifies that “File can’t be found in “The file can’t be installed because it is not installed in the cabinet files. This indicates that there may be some error while reading from the CD ROM or there can be a problem with the Package also.

What does Sage Error 1334 Means?

The Users who are generally working on the Windows 7 Operating System face such issues and other issues like, 1304 1325, 1335 and 1606. The errors like these need to be handled very highhandedly. At first, you need to understand the error before finding any rightful solutions so that you can hit at the right place to resolve the issue.

Causes of this Error Code 1334:

There are various reasons and very low specificity for the cause of this error.

  • Unable to read file from CD-ROM.
  • The file already presents in the system and is overlapping.
  • Missing file from the Package.
  • MSI file is removed or is missing.
  • The error may occur on the multiple file also.
  • MSI copying the same file again.
  • Compressed file didn’t get uncompressed properly.
  • User might be working or trying to setup the software on Windows 7 Operating System.

Steps You Need to Take to Resolve Sage Error 1334:

The Less specific the cause of the error, the less specific the resolutions are. In such cases, you may need technical hands by your side to get these issues resolved. Still, we are mentioning some of the steps, following which can help you in getting out of the problem that you are facing.

  • Provide the missing setup file so that the setup can get complete.
  • Any missing or corrupt file(s) inside MSOCache should be replaced or repaired.
  • For users of Windows 7, User’s Workstation must obtain a Network Share.
    • Open Control Panel
    • Select Region and Language
    • Choose Administrative Tab
    • Click on Change System Locale button-choose “English”
    • Click on OK and restart system.
  • Whenever error occurs, it means that MSOCache is deleted, so the user must setup Microsoft Outlook Once again.
  • Repair option should be selected to get all your corrupt files repaired.

Need Assistance on the Issue?

Here we are at your service. You can call us at +1800-986-6931 regarding your issue and Sage Technical Support Team will respond you with the resolution “Sage Error 1334”. You can also contact us via Sage Live Chat Support Service for instantaneous resolution of your error.

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