How to Change Payroll Benefit Field Name at Sage 50

Here’s you learn how you can “Change Payroll Benefit Field Name at Sage 50” and income tax payroll field name in Sage ! Over 50% companies in the US are moving to Sage Payroll & Accounting software to hassle out the daunting task of keeping payroll data updated. Besides, most of these organizations have realized the importance of outsourcing their payroll and accounting services to third-party providers as they have a skilled team of Sage 50 experts who can keep their payroll data up-to-date while maintaining the confidentiality of information.

Set Up Payroll Benefit – Sage 50

Sage 50 technical support team further ensures that your organization stays compliant with local legislation while providing expert guidance with respect to any technical queries. Such companies have a clear understanding of industry and domain knowledge. Their experts are conversant with the delicacy of processing payroll benefits and capable of promptly supporting pay queries.

So, how can you update or work changes on payroll benefit field name at Sage 50? While you can manually set-up this field in your system, it must be taken care that each employee needs to work on payroll formulas while updating incomes depending on their variable hourly rates.

Here is a Procedure of Change Payroll Benefit Field Name at Sage 50:

Step I:

  • Create an income or pay deduction field:
  • This can be done by selecting “Set-up” option in the Sage Payroll software and clicking on “Settings”.

Next, follow below process:

  • Select Payroll -> Employee Name -> Incomes & Deductions.
  • You can accordingly update the field (Income or Deduction) with the desired entry.
  • Additionally, for the income field, a user can select the type of income, i.e., whether it is hourly based, differential (overtime hours, night shift pay, or income incurred for holiday hours), or piece rate (worked upon by calculating the items produced by an employee).
  • Please note, income primarily reflects base pay rate for a regular period of time (monthly/weekly). On the other hand, benefit signifies an additional value remunerated to an employee as an award for their work. Benefits need to be separately updated on Sage 50 Accounting & Payroll software in order to calculate taxes.

Step II:

  • Linking Sage 50 to Bank Accounts: For this, a user needs to link new income account of an employee on the system by selecting Linked Accounts -> Payroll -> Incomes and Benefits.
  • Locate an employee’s income field in the system and click “Linked Accounts” and select an appropriate account.
  • With above steps, a user can change payroll benefit field name at sage 50. However, he/she needs to further work on calculating deductions (based on the income and benefits accrued) and link the same to their new or existing accounts.
  • Also, to avert any confusion and save operational costs, an organization can opt for support for Sage 50 Payroll. This will also enable an organization to:
  • Get prompt assistance with respect to features and functionalities of Sage 50 Payroll & Accounting software
  • Quick turnaround time to process payroll, in particular, for year-end salary processing
  • Leverage knowledge of experienced Sage 50 support team

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