Find QuickBooks License Number and Product Number

QuickBooks License Number and Product Number

Get your QuickBooks software product number and license number easily

In this article you read ” how to Find QuickBooks License Number and Product Number“. The license key and product number in QuickBooks plays a primary role to re-install the software. It helps in upgrade of a new version of the software.

More about QuickBooks License and Product Number

Moreover, the product key helps to maintain the continuity of records and tasks in QuickBooks. It varies according to the registered users of Intuit and with the purchase of the software.  There are Intuit help desk numbers available for you to assist you if you unable to find the number when you have a valid proof of the purchase. Here, you will learn How to Find QuickBooks License Number and Product Number.

Process – How to Find QuickBooks License Number and Product Number Easily

License number and product numbers are mandatory to install QuickBooks in the system. Missing these numbers, you will not be able to use the accounting software on your computer. Many times happen when user miss their Intuit license and product number. Here are the steps to find the lost product & license number in QuickBooks:

Locate the Installation Number:

Start locating the installation numbers by following the below information:

The Original Package of Product:

Discover the product number appearing on the scratch of the sticker in the product package. It is located near the UPC code.

Check the Confirmation Mail to Find the Installation number:

If you purchase the product online, you can easily find the product numbers and License in the confirmation email which is sent to you during the purchase of the software.

  • Check the system where the QuickBooks was initially installed:
  • Put the CD in the CD-ROM drive to proceed with the installation program. Now the installation process will start automatically.
  • Once done, now select the Re-install button.
  • The numbers will be appearing in the Window named License and product number.
  • Now you will need to write to them.
  • Hit on the Cancel button

If you are unable to locate the installation numbers, you have to visit the look-up page of QuickBooks to get it. However, if you still do not find the look-up’s license number, you can connect the customer helpdesk number displayed on the web page for Queries.

How to Find Product Code for QuickBooks U.S. Version:

  • If you cannot find the number on the look-up page, you can log in to your account and then try to find the information.
  • In case you can’t log in to the account, then go to the Contact us link.
  • Choose the product that you are using to connect the right number.
  • Make sure you have a valid proof of purchase of the QuickBooks before calling the customer help desk.
  • If you have purchased Point of Sale or QuickBooks from Intuit, you need to tell the Order number to the executive to easily provide you answer and help you find the Order through the Order Status window.
  • If you purchase the QuickBooks software from any local store/retailer, in this scenario, you need to fax the proof of it to the official number before calling customer care. So, provide the company name along with contact information on the sheet. Here is the list of items you need to mention:
    • Program CD front
    • Bottom of the box where you will discover the UPC Bar code
    • Invoice or Receipt of the store sales
    • The CD holder with the license number

Are you seeking for the Assistance?

Here the write-up about “How to Find QuickBooks License Number and Product Number complete! If you face any difficulties in the same or to explore more call QuickBooks helpdesk phone number 1(800) 986 6931. A hub of team is there for you to provide you the assistance on your Queries.

If you are unable to connect over the phone, then drop an email with your questions or use a live chat option or . Take the helping hand from an experienced team to save your valuable time.

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