QuickBooks Error 1904 – “Module Failed to Register QuickBooks”

Fix QuickBooks Error 1904

When users trying to install QuickBooks Desktop – [file path / name / extension] failed to register

In this article, we will be putting our heads together to understand the main causes that trigger “QuickBooks Error 1904” and what measures need to be taken to resolve the same.

QuickBooks is a highly accredited financial accounting software program that organizations use regardless the nature of their business or industry. Organizations need to maintain accurate books to win over the required finances because their finances are the first aspect that the potential moneylenders and stockholders would wish to check.

QuickBooks Error 1904 “Module Failed to Register QuickBooks”

Here QuickBooks software comes to fore as it helps companies to maintain their finances in an astute manner. There are times when the software application ceases to run smoothly. Many users encounter issues like QuickBooks error 1904 which can further inhibit their business operations for a time being. Another 19xx hundred Error code 1935.

When you encounter this error code you will see the following message on your computer screen:

Error 1904: [file path / name / extension] unable to register is commonly triggered by an inappropriate file setting or corrupted file.

In case, you see multiple errors on your computer screen and they explicitly state the ICWrapper.dll, qbprefs.dll, RcnFndRequestHandler.dll and qbupdate.exe (amongst others), then the glitch in all probability is instigated by a corrupted module of Microsoft Visual C++.

This error can even take place when you are attempting to configure QuickBooks Desktop immediately after updating the operating system (For instance, if a user has updated from Windows version 7 to Windows 10) and your system was not restarted after the upgrading.

Causes of Error 1904 QuickBooks Desktop Installation Issue

  • When the system turn out to be insecure and crucial files related to it have suddenly gone missing.
  • Module failed to register QuickBooks
  • Damaged/corrupt components of MS Visual C++
  • QuickBooks software installation in your computer failed to restart
  • These problems come about and will endure to transpire once your system is not periodically maintained by you.
  • Improper or Incorrect file settings
  • Errors are displayed and particularly mention issues like:
    • ICWrapper.dll,
    • Qbprefs.dll, and
    • Qbupdate.exe

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 1904 Installation Not Completed

Here are some of the quick to do steps to resolve the QuickBooks error code 1904. If your icwrapper dll failed to register or QuickBooks Error 1904 continuously is creating issues then here is what you can do to fix them. It is very important to identify the nature of the error and why it occurred so that it can be resolved quickly and completely.

Total Time: 30 minutes

Step 1: Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

✍ Press on ‘Ignore ‘and continue with the installation process. Till then don’t run QuickBooks Desktop.
Reboot your system
✍ If the installation isn’t over, download and open the QB Install Diagnostic Tool.
✍ Restart your system again.
✍ If opening the tool did not do any good, start the inbuilt Administrator and install QuickBooks through the same.
✍ Open QuickBooks tool hub in your system
✍ Then select Installation issues
✍ Now Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool
✍ Restart system >> then open your QuickBooks

Step 2: Start Inbuilt Administrator

✍ First and foremost thing you need to do is to click on Windows option on your keyboard.
✍ When you will do so CMD will appear, then you need to do right-click on CMD/ Command Prompt/ cmd.exe and click on Run ad Administrator.
✍ Once the command window appears, you need to enter net user administrator /active: Yes and then press on Enter button.
✍ You will have to use Additional commands when the Safe mode is on from Microsoft.

Step 3: Swap to Inbuilt Administrator Account

✍ Firstly, you need to click on Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys simultaneously and press Change User
✍ For Windows 8: Click the Windows option and then the user sign on the top of your monitor.
✍ Lastly, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete together and choose the default Administrator account.

Step 4: Hide inbuilt Administrator account

✍ You need to click on the Windows option once on your keyboard
✍ Now, write in CMD. After that click on CMD/ Command Prompt/cmd.exe and press on Run Administrator.
✍ When the command window appears, you need to enter net user administrator/active: NO and click on the Enter option.

Step 5: Modify the Security options of the installation directory

✍ You need to go to C:\Program Files\Common Files.
✍ Click on Common Files folder and then on Properties.
✍ In the Security tab, go and select Edit option.
✍ In the Group or user names option, go and press on Users.
✍ In the users permissions, you need to select allow for the following authorizations:
✍ Read & implement
✍ Lastly, click on Apply and then OK.

Step 6: Reinstall QuickBooks

✍ When QuickBooks Desktop install is finished
✍ Open the Windows Start menu >> then sign out of the administrator account
✍ Just login with your original user credentials
✍ Press Window + R or Search “CMD”
✍ Right-click on it >> then select Run as administrator option
✍ Type “net user administrator / active:no” << now press Enter button

Another Method to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 1904:

  • Close QuickBooks application and see that the QuickBooks installation is complete in a proper way.
  • Reboot your computer system.
  • If QuickBooks installation is not complete then run the QB diagnostic tool.
  • Once completed the process, reboot the system again
  • Follow QuickBooks application installation again.
  • Run the Component Repair Tool in case the QB Install Tool fails to function.
  • If the above tools and steps fail to fix QuickBooks error 1904, then create a new Windows Admin User account and try to do installation on the new Admin User.

What’s next?

Hopefully the above mentioned instructions helped you get rid of the “QuickBooks Error 1904”. In case, you are still not able to rectify the error code even after doing everything possible then you need to connect with our Onlinechat247.org QuickBooks Error Support team to get quick resolutions. To connect with our QuickBooks help team technocrats, dial us toll-free at our helpline number 1800-986-6931.

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