How to Print Quarterly Reports in Sage 50

How To Print Quarterly Reports in Sage 50

At the end of every quarter, you need to “Print Quarterly Reports in Sage 50” that are crucial for tax-related and auditing purposes.

Print Quarterly Reports in Sage 50 – Earnings Reports, Employer Payroll Tax, 941 Form etc

Some of the reports that you might have to print are – Quarterly earnings report, the Employer tax report, and the quarterly 941 forms. Let’s look at how you can print these reports on Sage 50.

How Do You Print Quarterly Earnings Reports in Sage 50 with Ease:

The Quarterly Earnings Report displays the paycheck information for each employee with subtotals for a specific quarter of the calendar year.

To print the Quarterly Earnings Report, follow the steps given below:

  • From the Reports & Forms menu, select Payroll.
  • You will be directed to the Select a Report or Form window.
  • In the reports list, select the Quarterly Earnings report, and click on the Print button.
  • You will be directed to the Filter window.
  • To display the current quarter’s report on the screen, double-click the report in the report list. If you want to print the quarterly report for an alternate quarter, click on the Options button.
  • Accept the default filter or choose the quarter that you wish to print from the Date drop-down list.
  • Click on OK button twice to print the report.

How to Print the Employer Payroll Tax Report:

The Employer Payroll tax report is used to display each employee’s gross pay, taxable (adjusted) gross, and the amount of tax levied for a specified type of payroll deduction such as FICA, FUTA, Medicare, and so on. This report is mainly used for employer payroll taxes such as state unemployment. You can use the information provided in this form to prepare state payroll tax forms. 

To print the employer tax reports, follow the steps given below.

  • From the Reports & Forms menu, select Payroll.
  • You will be directed to the Select a Report or Form window.
  • In the Reports list, select the Payroll Tax report and then click on the Print button or the Preview button to display the report.
  • You will be directed to the Filter window.
  • If you double-click a report in the report list, it is displayed on the screen instantly.
  • To change the payroll tax, click on the Options button.
  • Enter or select the tax ID of the payroll tax, which you wish to display on the report.

Note: Only tax tables with Taxable Gross in their formulas will appear in this list.

  • Select the default current quarter or the quarter that you wish to print from the list.
  • Click twice on the OK button to begin print the report.

Note: In order to print this report, you must have subscribed to the Sage Business Care plan.

How to Print the Quarterly 941 and 941B Tax Form:

Printed four times a year, the Quarterly 941 form reports the wages and tips that you have paid to your employees as per what they have reported. It also includes employment taxes such as federal income tax withheld, social security and Medicare taxes withheld, and your share of social security and Medicare taxes. To print the quarterly 941 form, follow the steps given below.

Federal Income Tax Form

  • From the Reports & Forms menu, click on Forms > Tax Forms > Payroll Tax Forms
  • Double-click on the Payroll Tax Forms.
  • Select Federal in the Select form type.
  • Choose 2008 941/Schedule B/941-Worksheet from the list of Available Forms.
  • In the Select filing period section, choose the Frequency, Year and Quarter, and click OK to preview and print the 941 form.
  • The report will be displayed.
  • Fill out the form by entering the total amount of all 941 deposits made during the quarter.
  • Click on the Next Step button, select e-File or Print, and click on the OK button twice to print the report.

State Quarterly forms

  • From the Reports and Forms menu >> select Forms >> Tax Forms
  • Then select Report or Form window appears
  • Double-click on Payroll Tax Forms
  • Click on State form type >> select state
  • Select year and quarter in filing period section
  • Click on OK button
  • Follow the all on-screen steps

These are the three forms that you can print every quarter. If you face any issue while “Print Quarterly Reports in Sage 50”, then contact the Sage customer support on their toll-free number +1800-986-6931. They are available 24/7.

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