How to Protect SAGE 50 Data from Cyber-Attack

How to Protect SAGE 50 Data from Cyber Attack


Read Protect SAGE 50 Accounting Data from Cyber-Attack

With astute advancement in technology and rapid digitization changing the IT landscape, it has become imperative for organizations to protect their mission-critical data from leakage and cyber-attack. Cyber criminals can have a long-lasting damaging impact on an office network, which may cripple the company’s day-to-day operations. In particular, security incidents for companies leveraging Sage 50 software solutions (mainly used by small-to-mid-size businesses in order to manage their accounts, payroll, and sales functions) can compound by putting their valuable data subject to the danger of increased online attacks which may further result in compromising more security incidents.

Cyber-attacks have become critical and common in the recent times. With this trend on the rise, most of the medium scaled organizations having lack of appropriate administrative and technical budget are mostly unable to timely detect and mitigating such online attacks. This presents a significant threat to their data-heavy infrastructure and environment. Furthermore, the Sage 50 software is used in multiple products, which are closely integrated with one another. Hence, any breach carried out by the external hackers can expose an organization’s legally protected sensitive data to unwarranted hands.

In order to mitigate and overcome such risks, Sage 50 technical support provided by companies having a team of professional experts can prove quintessential. These companies can render 24*7 technical support to safeguard your office network against malware and phishing attempts. As such, for organizations that have continuous concerns of high-profile cyber-attacks and want to avert the risks of experiencing any financial and/or reputational consequences, either invest or partner with Sage 50 tech support providers. This enables them to made security as their priority without setting aside a consequential part of their budget to protect the Sage Accounts data.


Here’s how to Implement Approaches to Minimize Susceptibility of Your Critical Business to Attack

◙ Acting as first-line of defense against cyber threats: With the extensive adoption of cloud computing and other hybrid technology, there’s a huge concern about insider data breaches. Service providers offering on-the-go Sage software support have a squad of experienced technical professionals, who can control the physical access to the sensitive business data and track potential sources that can lead to security issues.

◙ Structuring Customized Security Strategy: Outsourcing Sage 50 data support to security consultants can further help an organization to leverage the capabilities of experienced IT professionals who can create and implement tailored security programs to protect their Sage 50 data from the hacker threat. Moreover, with external personnel exclusively devoted to their consulting and review, the possibility of cyber threat hunting can further slash down.

◙ Substantial Investment in SIEM Solutions can be kept at Bay: Another visible benefit of having Sage 50 data protection experts is saving significant money from investment in deploying applications like Security information and event management (SIEM) solution to protect your office from cyber-attacks. The SIEM tool can automatically detect an erratic behavior within an office network. Following such incident/s, the Sage tech support team will conduct an investigation to get to the root cause of this issue and subsequently correlate this information to previous events to draw patterns. This, in effect, will help the company to not repetitively fall victim to such cyber-attack occurrences originating from the same source in the future.

◙ Patching Office Systems: The outsourced technical support team will also update the critical security patch on a regular basis to protect your office systems’ vulnerability against such cyber security risks.


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