QuickBooks Error 15311 Payroll Updating Issue

QuickBooks Error 15311

QuickBooks Error 15311 is one of the runtime errors that happen when user has not refresh the software properly. When the software is start by the user in their system then it is the runtime and the message box pops-up on your screen and display that there is an error and it is the error 15311. It also happens when the user tries to install the update or closing the application.

Causes and Reasons – QuickBooks Error 15311 Payroll Update Issue 


If you are sick of getting this error on your system’s screen whenever you are working with the QuickBooks software then here is the solution. There is a list of reasons that is given below and also the solution to fix this error easily. So, you have to identify the error reason in your system and then apply the correct solution to fix it.


Many reasons are mention below that cause error 15311 in your software. You must identify the reason before going to the solution process so that you apply the suitable solution to it.

error 15311
  • If you have corrupt entries in the Windows registry
  • The system or software has a virus or malware attack that infect the files
  • If you have installed the software incomplete or the update installation then it won’t happen completely
  • The programs in your system do interrupt the download in your QuickBooks software
  • Some related files or folders of software are missing in the system.

The Resolution to Fix the QuickBooks Update Error 15311

Here are the solutions that you have to choose according to the correct solution to fix the error in your account according to the reason for the cause. The solutions are mentioned below:-


✅ Solution 1- To Install the Certificate of Digital Signature

In your system, click on the search bar
In the search bar, type the QBW32.exe and search it
If it is not visible in search results then click on the More results option
Select the computer icon that shows the next
Again, search for the QBW.exe in the result of search as the type of application
Then right-click on the QBW.exe file and then select the Properties from options
Select the option of Digital Signature and click on the Details option
After that, do click on the View and then click on the Install certificate in the window of Details
Click on the next to all the windows until you get to the Finish button
At last, click on the Finish button and reboot your system

✅ Solution 2: Setting up Internet Explorer

internet explorer setting

First, Setting up Internet Explorer as a default browser
Check system date and time, if not set right time
Click on the time display
Modify date & time
Click & Select the appropriate time
Now, Checked the cipher strength
Go to the Intuit Official website www.intuit.com
Press Alt key >> Menu bar option Click File >> properties
Then look forward to the connection before the phrase”bit encryption”
Click on the tools option >> Internet Options
From the General tab >> select Delete
Click on Internet Files >> Select delete.
Now, Choose LAN settings
Detect automatically settings
You have to ensure that the SSL2.0 and SSL 3.0 are marked
After marked, check publisher’s certificate
Clear the checkbox of TLS 1.2

✅ Solution 3- To Install the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

Install the QuickBooks diagnostic tool
Scan the system and wait for it to complete
It shows a list of errors then click on the fix option
Now check that the errors are no more
So, restart your system and then open the QuickBooks software again.

✅ Another Method to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Error:

First, Verify QuickBooks subscription is active or not
Reset QuickBooks Desktop update
Check Payroll Service key is accurate
Go to Employees
My Payroll Service
Manage Service Key
Click on Edit >> If service key is correct
Click on Next option >> Finish
Restart system your system

How to Reach us?

That is all and error is not displaying when you follow the above solution. It is mainly because of files damaged, missing or software not installed completely.

You can connect with the team 24/7 hours whenever needed. Visit our official site Dial 1800-986-6931 if you have any other issues “QuickBooks error 15311“or queries. The QuickBooks error support team is happy to serve you as they won’t let you bear the glitches anymore. Members of the team are experienced so it is like a piece of cake for them as they know how to handle and resolve QuickBooks payroll update error and issue. You can also reach the team members via help@onlinechat247.org or do a live chat with experts to get it to fix immediately.

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