QuickBooks Web Connector Error – QBWC1040 and QBWC1085- QBWC Stopped Working

QuickBooks web connector error

unable to write to the log file, problem with the log file, exception type error

In this article, we are going to discuss all the facts related to a common QuickBooks Web Connector error and also provide you quick fixes for this error.

What is QuickBooks Web Connector?

No doubt, QuickBooks software has gained immense popularity among all-sized businesses. In fact, it is the most widely used accounting software that helps you in handling bookkeeping and accounting work. It offers some amazing features which make sure for the smooth functioning of the company. Even though QuickBooks is amazing software among small and medium-sized business, sometimes happens when its users come across some technical glitches. It can quite frustrating when they are unable to handle and it results that it hinders the entire workflow while some of them can be easily resolved.

This error shows when you start up the QuickBooks software. This mainly happens where the QWCLOG.txt file is damaged that is found in the folder of Web connector. It helps in connecting the account to the web-based programs. You can also remove the web connector if you won’t use any third-party application connected to your QuickBooks software.

Some Related Common QuickBooks Web Connector Error:

➣ QBWC1005, QBWC1006: QuickBooks Web Connector failed to run
➣ QBWC1007, QBWC1008, QBWC1009, QBWC1022, QBWC1023, and QBWC1024: An error occurred when connecting to QB program
➣ QBWC1011 and QBWC1032 : Application named does not exist in registry
QBWC1012 : Authentication failed due to the server was unable to process request
QBWC1016 : Application update issue
QBWC1018 and QBWC1019 : No application available to select/unselect at this time
QBWC1033 and QBWC1039: QuickBooks web connector failed to initialize QWCLog.txt file
QBWC1035: Dns Resolve (localhost) failed due to Exception
QBWC1040: You entered invalid username and password
QBWC1048: QuickBooks Web Connector could not verify the web application
QBWC1085: QuickBooks was unable to write to the log file
QBWC Exception TypeError

Here is a Brief Description of QBWC1040 and QBWC1085 ( Most faced by users ) shows the following error messages on your screen:-

QBWC 1040

☄ QBWC1040- When you enter invalid username and password at the time of auto run

QBWC 1085

☄ Exception type error- Unknown error

☄ QBWC1085- There was a problem with the log file. The web connector also continues without a log file.

☄ QBWC1085- The QuickBooks cannot write to the log file. So it opens without writing to log files.

Diagram of QBWC

Diagram of QuickBooks Web Connector

List of the Reasons that Cause Web Connector Error in QuickBooks

QuickBooks not able to continue with Web connector

The error code can be any or any number after QBWCXXXX between 1005-1085

QuickBooks web connector failed to give information while connected with the third-party tool

QuickBooks cannot write on Web Connector file

The .txt file is missing or damaged.

How to Fix QuickBooks Web Connector Error QBWC1040 and QBWC1085

Many QuickBooks users usually finding difficulty in rectifying this error but you are easily resolved by performing a few basic methods. Let’s explore:

Total Time: 20 minutes

Method 1: Rename the QWCLOG.TXT file

● Initially, go to the Taskbar and make a right-click on the QB Web Connector icon
● Next, hit the Exit option after opening Windows File Manager
● Now, locate the folder path: C:\ProgramData\Intuit\ QBWebConnector\ log folder
● Afterward, select the rename option by right-clicking on the QWCLOG.TXT file
● And then change the name to QWCLOGOLD.TXT and press the Save button
● Try to reopen your Web Connector Program
● And lastly, reboot the system by reopening the QuickBooks and your third-party application

Method 2: Make sure that connect the company file to the third party program

● The very first, press the Windows + R keys together from your console
● Next, a Run window appears on your screen
● And then type MSConfig in the appear search box and hit “Ok”
● After that, press the “Startup” tab
● Once you find then checked the checkbox for “QuickBooks Web Connector”
● And then hit the “Apply” button by following the “Ok” button
● In the final step, you need to restart your computer and then verify the error gets resolved or not.

Method 3: Remove Web Connector from the start-up menu

If you are not connected to any 3rd Programs with QuickBooks, then you may remove the Web Connector from the Start menu. Here are the steps to make this happen.

● Firstly, login as Windows Administrator on your computer
● Next, locate the command C:\Program Data\Microsoft \Windows\ Start Menu\ Program \ Start-Up
● After that, remove the file related to the QuickBooks Web Connector
● Once you’re done then reboot the system and try to open QuickBooks once again.

If you are using third-party applications, follow these steps..

● Close the web connector and the QuickBooks
● Go to the path “C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QBWebConnector\Log”
● Change the name of the QWCLOG.txt file to QWCLOGOLD.txt file by adding the OLD at the end of the file name
● Now again open the QuickBooks and then the Web Connector
● Reboot the system and then open the QuickBooks again
● Now try to connect with other web-based apps using web connector and you see it is done.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Web Connector Stopped Working Problem

  • Open the RUN window using Windows+R keys altogether
  • After RUN window opens up
  • Type the MS-config and then press the Enter button
  • Then select the Startup tab
  • Locate and then click on the checkbox in front of “QuickBooks Web Connector”
  • Select the Apply button and then click on OK button
  • Restart your system and now connect the applications.

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