QuickBooks Online Banking Error 106

Your QuickBooks porgram unable to find your account on your bank or Financial Institution's website.


Accounting Error Accounting Software: QuickBooks – Developed by Intuit

Error Name 80029c4a Error Code: 106

Error Description 80029c4a Description: QuickBooks program is not able to point your account on Bank Website or Financial Institution’s

Error Description 80029c4a Causes: Using old software version || Bank’s server || Any changes made by the bank || Lost files

Error Description 80029c4a Recommended: Follow above all 4 Steps

If you use the QuickBooks application for many years then you used to be facing multiple errors that occur in it. QuickBooks Error 106 is one of them that create obstacle in between your work. You are thinking about many solutions and try to attempt them without knowing the proper reason and failed to do so. QuickBooks Banking Error 106 is not easy as it seems. You need to study the reasons properly. Then jump to the solutions according to your problem. Many problems occur in the accounting software QuickBooks is not exceptional software. But most importantly you need to know the correct method to tackle these kinds of QuickBooks Error.

Fully Describe about QuickBooks Error 106..

QuickBooks Error 106 comes under the series of errors that create hindrance while you are trying to log into your bank’s account because QuickBooks is not capable to do find out your account. It may occur due to an incorrect password or inactivation of the account for a longer period. The QuickBooks error 168 or 324 is quite similar to the QuickBooks Error 106 because it creates similar problems in the QuickBooks Bank’s account.

What are the main reasons for the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 106?

QuickBooks Error 106 causes due to multiple reasons that are hidden in your system or the QuickBooks application. It becomes very difficult to detect the defect when continuously it spread damage to the files. Let’s discuss some major reasons that cause QuickBooks Error 106:

  • The expired software version that affects the performance of your QuickBooks bank’s account
  • Infected or damaged files or account can put this error into the limelight 
  • Lost files also one of the main reason for this error
  • If any changes made by the bank without let you know, then it would be one of the major reason
  • Bank’s server didn’t respond even after the number of tries.

What are the Rectify Solutions to Solve QuickBooks Banking Error 106..

It becomes very easy once you detect the exact reason. And now, you can easily opt for the particular solution that creates damage to the system performance. Read out the solutions and implement the correct one.

Total time taken:- 32 minutes

Solution 1: Situate your Bank Account 

➥ Firstly, you have to go to the Transactions option and click on it 

➥ Then, choose the option Banking

➥ Search the account on the browser that you want to remove from the system

➥ In the context box where the bank name is written, click on the pencil-like symbol

➥ Now, you have to click on the Edit Account Info

➥ Verify the box that displays beside the Disconnect this account on save

➥ Now for saving the changes that you have made, click on the Save option

Solution 2: How to connect manually to the Bank Account 

➥ Sign in your account at https://onlinebanking.huntungton.com/rol/Auth/login.aspx

➥ After signing in, go to the Customer Service

➥ Press on the option Service Centre

➥ Then, you have to click on the My Information

➥ Select the option Allow Financial Management Tools Access

➥ The settings need to be changed if it is not in ON mode.

➥ Now, verify the QuickBooks Error 106 exists or rectified.

Solution 3: Log in to your Bank Account

➥ First, you have to click on the Add account where you have to enter the bank name

➥ In the result section, select the global bank

➥ Now, go to the account link

➥ After that, type the login credentials

If you are comfortable adding more details, then follow the steps mentioned below:
You need to choose the option Account With the help of the mouse move the cursor in the downward direction in the QuickBooks account

➥ Tick on the QuickBooks account mark and select the Add new button.

If you never create the account or need a new one, then create the new account
➥ First, you need to choose the option Connect

➥ Now, choose the option I am done

➥ After the completion of the process, go to the Review to confirm the download list.

Solution 4: Locate lost account

➥ First, you need to select the Chart of Account option from the ribbon

➥ Move into that account that you want to remove

➥ Then, go to the Action column 

➥ Choose the download button and click on the delete option 

➥ Now, your account is successfully removed, and not able to trace the data.

In this article, QuickBooks experts are trying their best to provide the simple and easiest solutions so you can attempt more efficiently. The above-mentioned solutions are helping to resolve your problem. If you failed to rectify it then you can attempt the next solution. In case solutions are not helpful to you then maybe there is another issue in your system that creates hindrance. If you can’t able to rectify manually then you need the expert’s assistance. You can interact through QuickBooks Error support through toll-free number 1800-986-6931 or you can use the live chat.


  • How to Rectify the QuickBooks License Error?

    ➥ First, you need to open the main Windows menu
    Now search out the Run option and then open it 

    ➥ Then, enter the file address C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 and then hit the Enter key 

    ➥ Now, you need to search the EntitlementDataStore, then select the file and for remove choose the Delete option 

    ➥ Click Yes option 

    ➥ Now, operate your QuickBooks along with your company file 

    ➥ Follow all the instructions that display on your computer screen to register the QuickBooks one more time.

  • How can I Resolve my Not Responding Issue in QuickBooks?

    ➥ Firstly, you need to open the QuickBooks Tool Hub 

    ➥ Under the Tool Hub screen, you need to give priority to the Program Problems

    ➥ Now, choose the QuickBooks Program Tool Hub and when the process starts don’t interrupt in between

    ➥ When the process ends, reboot your computer system and start QuickBooks again.

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