QuickBooks Desktop Installing Error 1935 and Microsoft .Net Framework Error

QuickBooks Error 1935

when installing QuickBooks desktop or .NET Framework

QuickBooks Error 1935” is one of the errors that occur during the period of installing QuickBooks program or MS .Net Framework. QuickBooks accounting software is the most valuable software among those who run businesses. It helps them in many different ways to run their business effectively. But everyone has their devil side similarly QuickBooks have their error-prone side. It consists of many errors that put you in trouble. This write-up provides you the effective solutions that efficiently work.

What’s mean QuickBooks Error 1935..

QuickBooks Error 1935 occurs when you try to install the QuickBooks program or Microsoft .Net Framework files in the system but unable to do so because of the error another 19 hundred Error code 1904. You can get this error in two types are:

Error 1935: An error occurred while the installation of the assembly

Error 1935: This setup needs the .Net Framework

If this error appeared under the rectangle box then you can identify it by reading the following text within the box:

Error 1935. This setup requires .NET Framework.Please restart your system and try again. If the issue still exists then, note the error and type this in a web browser: www.quickbooks.com/support/install.html

What are the Multiple Reasons that Cause QuickBooks Install Error 1935?

Reasons are the helpful weapon to resolve the issue in the system. Once you get the appropriate reason for your problem then you can easily remove the error. Here are some reasons for you that sorted your issue at some point.

  • Harmful viruses that deliberately create to harm the QuickBooks application
  • QuickBooks company files got corrupted or damaged due to malware unwanted functions
  • QuickBooks company file got removed or deleted from the system that causes a serious problem for the user
  • Windows Registry show damage in the new QuickBooks Update                                
  • Antivirus or firewalls program is preventing the system and restrict the installation program to enter the PC.
  • There can be any in the system  create problems but damage in .Net Framework can be the reason for the occurrence of the QuickBooks error 1935
  • The defectiveness in the .Net Framework can be the reason for the occurrence
  • It can happen due to the expired or outdated .Net Framework in the system
  • The incomplete, inappropriate, or failed download of QuickBooks software

 It can be caused due to hard-disk issues in the computer system.

What are the Issues that Occurred During the QuickBooks Error 1935 .NET Framework?

There are many issues you faced while there is a QuickBooks error 1935 in the system. Some issues are listed below:

  • Your system getting an error message continuously and waiting for your response
  • Files and folders in the system face crash issues whenever you try to open a new program
  •  An error message display on your computer screen that says- QuickBooks has faced a problem and require to shut down
  • Error code 1935 appearing on your screen
  • The system stuck in between the process and resume working after few minutes
  • The system’s speed becomes slow and response lately
  • It ruins the Active Program Window and put more burdens on you
  • Sudden power off of the system just to prevent more damage.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 1935 Installing and MS .Net Framework

You can get the right solution once you know the right reason. Real the solutions and implement one of them that suitable for your problem.

Total Time: 25 minutes

Way 1: Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostics Tool

✍ In the first step, you need to download the Diagnostics tool
✍ Now, operate the QuickBooks Diagnostic tool
✍ Then, you need to tap on the fixed problems
✍ After that, make sure you reboot the system
✍ At last, install QuickBooks again in your system.

Way 2: Deactivate the Antivirus for a while

✍ In the very first step, you need to reboot the system once
✍ Then, reinstall the QuickBooks again on the computer
✍ In the further step, you need to deactivate the Antivirus till the QuickBooks installed
✍ After the process of installation, don’t forget to reactivate the Antivirus on the system again.

Way 3: Manage the MS .Net Framework

✍ Before starting the process make sure you download the QuickBooks component repair tool
✍ In the next step, you need to operate the QuickBooks component repair tool
✍ In the end, restart your system to avoid any glitches.

Way 4: Download the Latest Version of the Microsoft .Net Framework

✍ In the initial stage of the process, you have to click on the MS.Net Framework site
✍ After that, you can download the web installer easily
✍ Now, you need to implement all the guidelines that are displayed on your operating system
✍ At last, you need to reboot the operating system.

Way 5: Run the Clean Installation Program

✍ Firstly, you need to hold the two keys together Ctrl and R to open the Run command
✍ Then, you require to add the text msconfig and hit the Enter button
✍ Now, go to the Selective Start-up and move to the General tab and select the option Load System Services
✍ Choose the option Load Start-up Items
✍ After that, you need to tap on the Services Tab
✍ After this, select the Hide all MS Services and tap on the Disable option
✍ Now, you need to uncheck  the Hide All MS Services checkbox
✍ Then, you have to go through the Services list and make sure that Windows Installer Checkbox is checked. ✍ If it is unchecked then you need to check and press the Ok
✍ In the next step, you need to click on the Restart in the system configuration window and reboot the system
✍ When the computer is on then start a Clean Install for your QuickBooks
✍ Now, hold the Ctrl + R keys again to go to the Run command window
✍ And add the text again msconfig and click on the OK
✍ Then, select the Normal Start-up and go to the General Tab and click on the OK
✍ Under the system configuration window, click on the Restart.

Way 6: Update the Windows

✍ At first, go to the Start menu
✍ Now, type the Update in the search space
✍ Hit the Enter button to open the Windows Update dialogue box
✍ In the Windows Update tab, you can notice some available Updates
✍ You need to click on the Install Updates option to update the window into the latest version


There is one more error in QuickBooks that is similar to the other QuickBooks errors that bother you. “QuickBooks error 1935” is not a big deal to solve you can easily remove it from the system by following the above-mentioned ways. You can implement any one of the ways to resolve the error. Sometimes, you are getting frustrated and irritated by facing the same problem again and again and took the wrong steps that can create a higher heap of problems.

In that case, you need to take some expert advice that resolves the issue patiently. You can interact with the QuickBooks Error Support Expert through toll-free number 1800-986-6931 and clear all the doubts and queries.


  • What happens if I ignored the QuickBooks Error 1935?

    If you ignore the QuickBooks Error 1935 every time then it critically affects your system as well as your QuickBooks application. Try not to ignore the error.

  • Can I get the QuickBooks Error 1935 again?

    If you rectify the error once then, there are many rare chances to occur the error again. But you need to follow the preventions carefully.

  • How can I solve the QuickBooks error 1935 if it caused due to the hard drive issue?

    If you faced the QuickBooks error due to a hard drive issue then you need to take help from an IT professional who has enough knowledge.

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