QuickBooks Error Code 6150 1006 Company File

QuickBooks Error Code 6150 1006 is a 6000 series error that is often related with the company file. This error can signify network issues or errors in the company file. The first thing users should do when they encounter this error is to copy the company file on another system.

QuickBooks Error Code 6150 1006 Could Not Open Company File

Not only Error 6150, but also the Error Code 1006 appears for the same reason. When you see QuickBooks error message 6150 and 1006 then it simply states that you need to identify the root cause of the errors and how the error can be fixed with ease.

  • Your system very frequently crashes and this error message appears on the same active Window program.
  • Your Windows responds very slowly and your mouse or keyboard also responds slow on command.
  • The system may also hang for sometime.

An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to create, open, or use the company file. Please try again.

Though below we have provided with the step by step process on how to work with error 6150 but you can also ask for support.

Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 6150 1006?

  • QuickBooks or some related files got deleted and infected due to any active program or by any antivirus.
  • Any program mistakenly and maliciously affected QuickBooks software.
  • Incomplete and damaged software.
  • Corrupt company file and you are unable to take backup.
  • Wrong type of company file extensions.
  • When you attempt to open company file and QuickBooks failed to open.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Message 6150 1006?

There can be different methods of resolving your QuickBooks Error Code 6150 1006 depending upon the underlying reason that is causing the error. Still, the user should try these different methods in order to resolve this issue on their system. These steps will help you in solving your question. All you need to do is follow the instructions as they are mentioned.

Total Time: 35 minutes

Step 1: Restore your backup company file

➦ Open your QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT)
➦ Go to File
➦ Click on Open or Restore Company option
➦ Select Restore a backup copy and then click on Next
➦ Choose Local backup and then click on Next
➦ Select appropriate location to Saved QuickBooks backup file(.QBB)
➦ Next open file and then select a folder preferred location to restore the company file
➦ Then click on Save

Step 2: Repair Company file

If there is a damage to the company file, then QB will not be able to read it and you will get QuickBooks Error message 6150 1006. Another important thing to note here is that there may be permanent damage to the company file, and if you’ve not created a backup then you may lose some data. Still, with professional help, almost all of the data can be recovered. Damage to the company file can be caused by unexpected system shut down.
In most cases, QuickBooks File Doctor can fix your company file. This tool will scan the entire company file and resolve any errors that you might be encountering.

➦ First, download a copy of the setup for QuickBooks file doctor.
➦ After the download finishes, launch the setup and follow along.
➦ Once the tool has been installed on your system, then open it. It is fairly simple to use this tool to analyze the company files for any errors.
➦ Simply follow the instructions provided by the tool and all errors in your company file will be analyzed.
➦ Further you can apply fixes for some common company file errors that may be causing issues.
➦ If there is a more serious damage to the company file, then this software won’t be able to fix it

Step 3: Setting Internet or Firewall

If the error is due to “No internet Access or firewall settings” then here is what you will need to do.

➦ Please check your internet connection if you’re connected remotely to the company file.
➦ Once the connection is established your issue may resolve.

Firewalls block many connections in order to provide a secure experience to the user. Sometimes, secure connections can be taken as a threat by firewall software. Hence, these connections are blocked. You can override the firewall settings to allow network connections through certain ports by following the steps provided below:

➦ Log into Windows as an administrator
➦ Click on start menu
➦ Search for Advanced Firewall Settings
➦ Create both inbound and outbound rules for the ports that you want to allow connections through
➦ Save the settings with a name and description
➦ Once this is done, your system will not block connections to the company file.

Step 3: Change QuickBooks File’s location

➦ Find .qbw file extension.
➦ Open the folder that contains company files.
➦ Copy that particular file.
➦ Paste that file on your desktop.
➦ Open and restore the company and move to desktop.
➦ Long press control key and open QuickBooks so, you can guide No company open.

Step 4: Open a sample company file

➦ Make sure that there is no issue with company file.
➦ If a sample company file shows error when you try to open a file, it indicates that the installation has been damaged and it needs to be repaired.

Step 5: Use Auto-Data Recovery copy mode

➦ You need to create a new folder naming it QB Test
➦ Find .tlg file in company file folder
➦ Copy .tlg file from the company file folder and then paste to the QB test folder
➦ Now, Open QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery
➦ Copy .QBW.adr file from QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery folder and paste it to the QB Test folder
➦ Rename .QBW.adr file under the QB Test folder
➦ Remove .adr extension from the end of the file name
➦ Open your QuickBooks application and then open your company file from the QB Test folder
➦ Click on the Utilities option under the File and then select Verify Data
➦ Replace the company file in the QuickBooks data folder with the company file

These are some of the few methods using which you will be able to get your QuickBooks Error Code 6150 1006 fixed. You need to follow all the steps properly. Failing which may leave the error within the software. Even if after following all the resolution methods, you still are faced with issues then we would suggest that you dial for help immediately.

You can visit our Website for solutions related to your problems and for information also. Our live Chat support is also there. You can have instant solution through chat with our expert personnel. Our E-mail support is also at your service. You can contact also QuickBooks error support team through any of the mode at any time.

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