OL and OLSU Bank Feeds Errors in QuickBooks

QuickBooks OL and OLSU Bank Feeds Errors
"OL and OLSU Bank Feeds Errors in QuickBooks"


Accounting Error Accounting Software: QuickBooks – Developed by Intuit

Error Name 80029c4a Error Name: OL and OLSU

Error Description 80029c4a Description: OL and OLSU Bank Feeds Errors in QuickBooks

Error Description 80029c4a Causes: Bank’s server down || Internet connection || Not able for the Online Banking Services

Error Description 80029c4a Recommended: Follow above all 4 Steps

In this article, you will get the solution for “QuickBooks OL and OLSU Bank Feeds Errors“. QuickBooks needs to be error-free software but obviously, it’s not possible. But QuickBooks launched their alternative to provide relief to its customers. Readout article till the end or until you get an idea to resolve your issue.

What are the Major Reasons that Arise the QuickBooks OL and OLSU Bank Feeds Errors?

There are multiple reasons. But you need to find the correct one from them. Here are the list some reasons read and find your reason:

  • Bank’s server suddenly down due to unknown reason
  • Internet connection problem because router might be out of date, experiencing a glitch in IP address or it could be faulty Ethernet cable
  • Bank has modified the settings of their services, Direct Connect or Web Connect without your knowledge
  • May be some technical fault with your financial institution
  • You recently generate a new account with your bank and are not able for the Online Banking Services in QuickBooks
  • If you have more than one account in your QuickBooks Company file then, it could be the reason for OL and OLSU Bank Feeds error
  • The version you used for your QuickBooks Desktop may be expired or out of date
  • If you used the latest version of the QuickBooks Desktop in your operating system that is not updated to the latest version
  • Due to low processor or RAM, there is an issue for download and import the data
  • When your bank was emerged in the merger and modify of the name then, it needs a proper refreshment in QuickBooks which was not done in timely

Points to remember before proceeding further:

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Internet Explorer if, it is expired then first, install the latest version
  • Check and confirm that you are using the recently released version of QuickBooks. If you are operating QuickBooks then it arises many unwanted problems. To avoid those problems update your QuickBooks
  • If you have any dues in terms of transactions then, you need to compare the dues downloaded transactions
  • When you bumped into this error check out the Banks Feeds Classic mode. It doesn’t occur in the Banks Feeds Classic mode that means its works efficiently as it should be.
  • Calibrate your router or modem expiry time to avoid the interruption in the internet connection
  • Ensure that Firewalls do not restrict your server interaction with the QuickBooks
  • Ensure that you sign in through the Bank’s site off with QuickBooks and verify you completed all the pending alerts. If it’s not done till then you need to clear all those pending alerts
  • Always carry a backup of your company file, in case if your corrupted system destroys all the data. So at least you have an alternative to restore the company files.

What are the Different Methods to Remove the QuickBooks OL and OLSU Bank Feeds Errors?

To resolve the OL and OSLU Bank Feeds error in QuickBooks you need to follow all methods if it’s not resolved by attempting one or two methods. Don’t give up by performing just one or two methods maybe your solution is hidden in the 3 or 4 methods.

Method 1: Create a Fresh Company Sample File:

  • Firstly, you need to visit the File menu of QuickBooks and then select the New Company and then click on the Start
  • Then, you need to put your account information in the created test company
  • Now, emplace account for bank feeds
  • Then, you need to perform the bank feed transaction downloads to test the account
  • If this problem is still unsolved then move to the next method.

Method 2: Make a Fresh New Account and Link the Accounts:

  • Initially, search out for the Chart of Accounts option then, click the right side of the mouse to start the process
  • Then, you have to select the Edit Account option
  • Now, go to the Account Name icon and then click on the Copy
  • In the space of account name you need to type an asterisk (*) stamp at the end
  • You need to pick up the Deactivate All Online Services radio from the option Bank Feed Settings
  • Then select the Save option and shut the tab
  • From the option Chart of Accounts, you need to opt for the create or build a new account
  • Then, you need to type the Account name again but this time without the asterisk (*)
  • Shut and open the QuickBooks Company file again
  • In the Chart of Accounts option then, click the right side of the mouse to
  • select the account with the asterisk (*) stamp mark and then, select the Edit Account option
  • Remove the asterisk (*) stamped mark and select the Save option and close the tab
  • When the error message pop-up on your computer screen. Then, make sure you select the Yes option
  • Now create a new account for the Bank Feeds
  • Now, you should download the financial transactions from the new linked account.

If you do not get any QuickBooks error message: it simply illustrates that you don’t have any issue while downloading the financial transactions. You get over the Bank Feed issue and can leave the rectification process.

If you getting the same error again and again: This indicates that your technical problem did not resolve. To solve it you need to move to a further method.

Method 3: Change the Settings and Turn Off all the Online Services

  • First, you need to select the checkbox shown below of the Chart of Accounts window
  • You need to deactivate Bank Feeds and shut the file to reopen it
  • Then, you need to emplace each account for Bank Feeds
  • If still, OL and OLSU Bank Feeds errors occurs then you need some IT technician.

You can also attempt the next method that may resolve your issue completely.

Method 4: Turn on TLS 1.2 Protocol, if Accessible

Attempt this method in the latest internet explorer

  • Firstly, make sure that you have the latest IE version in your system
  • Open the IE 11 file
  • Then you need to go to the settings in the Internet Explorer
  • Then, you have to go to the Internet Options and choose the Advanced option
  • Move your cursor in the downward direction to find the security column
  • Now you need to check in the USE TLS 1.2 box and Uncheck the USE TLS 1.0
  • Then press on the Apply option and select OK
  • Shut all the running programs and reboot your operating system for changes that you have made

If, you are still not able to resolves this issue. Contact the QuickBooks support team they will assist with their best experience


This article provides you factual information that resolves your problem and gives relief to you from this hectic issue. QuickBooks OL and OLSU Bank Feeds Errors consumes a lot of time to search out the exact solution.

But in this article, if you perform steps in a proper sequence wise you will get your results. In case any method is not capable to do so then there is an internal defect in your system that creates a hindrance to resolving the issue. To get to know the internal reasons you can interact with the QuickBooks Error Chat Support experts team through a toll-free number or you can chat with them by utilizing the live chat facility.


How to get in touch with your bank account to resolve the Bank Feed issue in QuickBooks?

Before disturbing your bank to get the help you have to collect all the files of bank feeds. As you know that, QuickBooks has an online banking feature, however, OL and OLSU Series, and problem in connectivity can be solved with the help of FI. If it still exists and puts you in trouble in that case you should call the bank administrator.

How many errors include under the OL and OLSU Bank Feed error in QuickBooks?

OL and OLSU Bank Feed error is a series of errors include- OL-202, OL-206, OL-221, OL-231, OL-249, OL-334, OL-203, OL-393, OLSU-1011, OLSU-1016, and OLSU-1014.
To rectify the issue go to the trusted sites and find out your way.

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