QuickBooks Online Error 102


Accounting Error Accounting Software: QuickBooks – Developed by Intuit

Error Name 80029c4a Error Code: 102

Error Description 80029c4a Description: Issue’s on Bank’s end, your bank website may be undergoing maintenance

Error Description 80029c4a Causes: Bank account is not added || Bank or credit card’s website server || QuickBooks not updated

Error Description 80029c4a Recommended: Follow above all 3 Steps

Are you looking for the solution to QuickBooks not connecting to bank and Financial Institution (FI) and facing any bank error and issue? Then here you get to know about the “QuickBooks Online error 102“. Why this error happens and what causes you this error. The solutions are mentioned here and for any further query, you can also connect with the team who is here 24/7 hours to help you out.

Description – QuickBooks Online Error 102

QuickBooks bank error 102 happens when there is an issue from the bank’s side. The issue is related to the server or the website is under maintenance or there is some connection problem between QuickBooks and Bank. These issues cause the delay in the online bank connection to the QuickBooks account.

What is the list of Causes and Symptoms that causes you the QuickBooks Online Error 102?

The list of causes and symptoms are mentioned here that help you to identify the error and the reason behind it. This helps you in identifying the problem and then the solution to apply for it and fix it. The list is as follows:-

  • QuickBooks is not working properly
  • Your bank account is not added to your QuickBooks account
  • The bank or credit card’s website is having some server issues
  • In case of having a new bank account
  • QuickBooks not updated properly.

What are the Methods to Fix QuickBooks Online Error 102?

QuickBooks Online Error 102

Few methods that help you in resolving the QuickBooks bank error 102 in your account. Follow the methods to fix the issue and in case if you are facing issues then connect with the team who is here to help you all around the clock. But first, go with these methods and resolve the issue. The methods are as follows:-

Method 1- You have to check your Credit Card or Bank’s website

For this, you have to open the bank’s website and then sign in to it

In case, you are not able to sign in then you have to connect with your bank or the company of your credit card for further things that are mentioned in the next steps

Check for the alerts, notifications, and messages. All these things let you know about the things that are not working so that you must get to know about it and resolve it

After this, do check all the things like review the transactions, account pages, and account history

If you are not able to check these things then there may be connection loss or network issues. 

When there is everything OK then proceed to the next method to fix the issue.

Method 2- Update the connection of the bank manually

If you are using QuickBooks Self-Employed
At very first, log in to your QuickBooks Self Employed version

Then click on the Profile option 

After that, select the Bank accounts

Click on the Refresh All option that refreshes your QuickBooks account and Bank account 

Then check for the error if the error is still there then you have to repeat these steps after 2-3 hours.

If you are using QuickBooks Online

First of all, log in to your QuickBooks Online account

In QuickBooks Online account, click on the Banking menu or Transaction menu option 

Further, select the Update option

Now, you get the updates or know about the updates.

Note If your account is new to the bank then you have to check with your bank that it works or not on online banking. Some new bank accounts won’t work online so for this you have to reach out to your bank.

Method 3- Examine the login information

Open the QuickBooks Online account

Then click on the menu option Banking

If you have not linked your account then link it by searching for your bank

If you have linked to your bank then click on the Add account option on the top right side and search for the bank name to add a bank account

From the search list, select your bank

Now provide your ID and Password to login to your bank and click on Continue

To complete the additional verification steps and then click on Connect Securely

Click on the bank icon to connect with your bank and then from the drop-down select the type of account

After this, when QuickBooks first add or join your account then it first downloads your transactions that are of the last 90 days. It also downloads the transactions of your credit card and banking for a short period of time

Now, you have to choose to connect that takes a few minutes to download

When the download is complete it takes you to the Banking Page again.

In the review tab, you can easily get all your downloaded transactions in your QuickBooks account. Here you can review classify and then accept it in QuickBooks.

Note– If there is any kind of issue from the bank side like server or any other problem you have to wait for a day that is 24 hours to continue with the things.

How to connect with the QuickBooks helpdesk team?

Here you get to know what can be done to fix the QuickBooks Online Error 102, how it causes, and everything about this error. So, do follow the solution and fix the issues as soon as possible.
Still, you have any further queries or glitches then connect with the professionals via the QuickBooks error helpdesk toll-free number 1800-986-6931. Get all your queries and problems answered on time as the team is available 365 days a year. You can also get connected via email or do a live chat for any kind of query.


How can I upload the Transaction Manually to Fix QuickBooks Online Error 102?

Firstly, pick a date of the old transaction

Now you have to sign in to your bank and have the transactions

Then do check the size and its format to review the file

Manually upload the transactions

After uploading categorize the transactions

Transactions are in their matched category so now reconcile it.

How can I Categorize and Match the Transactions in QuickBooks?

You have to log in to your account

Then download the latest credit card and bank transactions

Then go to the menu name Banking

Now review it by selecting the account

Click on the tab name For Review

Review it one by one and then again review when you do add the matched transactions.

What if I want to add the new transactions to fix the QuickBooks online error 102?

When QuickBooks don’t have the transaction that you want to match then do follow the steps below:-

Search to the transaction that is downloaded and not there

Expand the transaction to review it

Check for the category

Change the customer or vendor if required

Now if its all ok then click on the Add button.

Can I exclude the duplicate transaction?

In QuickBooks, click on For Review tab

Then do tickmark the checkbox for all the transactions that are duplicate and you want to exclude it

Now click on the Exclude button and you are done.

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