Report to Verify Information on 1099/1096 at Sage 50

What Report Can I Use To Verify The Information At Sage 50

In this article Sage users learn how “Report to Verify Information on 1099/1096 at Sage 50“. Sage 50 is accounting software which is used to run a company business more efficiently. The software is designed nicely to save time. It was earlier known as Peachtree accounting software. The latest edition of this comprehensive accounting solution enables an organization to handle cash flow, accounting, invoicing, inventory, taxes etc. in a very effective manner.

This accounting software flawlessly amalgamates the power and productivity of a reliable desktop product and that too with a secure online access. This all-inclusive solution not only offers in-depth best practices for accounting but also helps the financials of a business on track.

How Report to Verify Information on 1099/1096 at Sage 50 ⁈

In order to verify the information present on 1099/1096 at Sage 50, 1099/1096 Vendor report is observed. All the data present on the 1099 forms appears straightaway from all the data which is keyed via the Payments or Write Checks windows.

The 1099 Vendor Report is touted as one of key reports in Sage 50 as it is primarily used to view the information that is supposed to be present on the 1099’s and 1096.

View the 1099 Vendor Report

To view the 1099 Vendor Report in order to verify the required data only some simple steps are required to be followed. With just a few clicks of the button one can get to the necessary Vendor report.

Here are the steps in details:

☑ Initial Steps:

The initial steps include reaching the icon which reads Vendor Report.

Firstly you need to click on the icon that says Reports & Forms which is under the Accounts Payable section.

After clicking on the Reports and Forms section, you will be redirected to a new window, and there you will have to go to the 1099 Vendor Report icon which is positioned on the right side of the new window.

☑ Report Selection

Once you get to the Vendor Report window, you would have to either select a report or a form menu, and after that you would have to click the button which says ‘Options’.

☑ Selecting Appropriate Dates

In order to get the accurate report you would have to select the appropriate dates. The section is designed perfectly enable you choose the appropriate year under the Dates section in the Year to Preview field.

Now, once you are done selecting the appropriate years, you will get the option to filter the data as well. In order to filter it, click on any of the preferred criteria under the Filters and/or Sorting. Further, you will get the Summary sections as well.

☑ Final Steps

That’s all! Now, you just have to hit the ‘Ok’ button to generate the appropriate report.

This report contains all the data required to verify hence, this is counted as one of the eminent reports which are generated in Sage 50.

Method for Print 1096/1099 Forms

  • First, Put blank Pre-printed 1096 form in to the printer. Sage 50 has a plain and Pre-addressed version of the form.
  • Second,  Go to the Reports and Forms menu, select Forms, and Tax Forms.
  • In the forms list, choose 1096 form – Pre-printed or 1096 form Pre-addressed Pre-print.
  • Last, Check that that the payroll year is correct or not.

Error in the Vendor Report

Mostly, you would be able to generate the appropriate reports which show the correct data. However, you would need to review all the 1099/1096 defaults, the Vendor setup, and the specific payments which are done to the vendor in case you are unable to view the vendor’s information on the 1099 or 1096 Vendor Reports, or if the report generated any data which is off beam.

In case you find any issues in generating report or if you face any technical problem then feel free to contact the support team of Sage 50. They are a bunch of professionals who are expert in handling technical queries!

If you want to make any query “Verify Information on 1099/1096 at Sage 50” or you are not satisfied with the solution and need further assistance from Sage technical support, then contact Sage 50 Chat Support number. They are third-party consultancy who provides Sage assistance worldwide.

To contact them, call on their customer support toll-free number +1800-986-6931. You can get in touch with them at any point in time as they provide 24*7 customer assistance .

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