Sage 50 Serial Data Error

In this article Sage users learn how to fix “Sage 50 Serial Data Error“. Sage 50 is a well praised business accounting software that is backed with powerful features and tools that simplifies the complex business accounting and financial operations of small and medium sized industries of all sectors. The software offers Sage Desktop version that is compatible with cloud. One can access anytime from anywhere.

Sage has different products that are specially designed according to the requirements of different business sector – Sage Pro, Sage Premium and Sage Quantum version. Choose the Sage version that fulfills your business demands. You can also choose the versions by buying or subscribing depending upon the requirements of the business. The subscriptions can be on monthly basis or business use. The software can be sync with add-ons programs that will enhance your work-flow. But you may face problems as well while running the software. One of them is the problem is while emailing within the Sage 50 accounting program.

Description- Sage 50 Serial Data Error:

This type of error usually occurs when the serial number(s) you have, are already in use by the maximum number of computers. The error comes up with the display message

“Can’t open program after it closed abnormally”.

“Error: You can’t use Sage 50 program right now because this serial number are already in use”

Unable to open Sage 50 program and company

Moreover, there can be a possibility that the program has not yet closed out the company files from the previous session. If you are experiencing this error, always wait for approximately 1-2 minutes and try to open the company again. If the error still persists, follow the steps below:

Some of the Causes of Sage 50 Serial Data Error:

  • The file open stuck in memory
  • Programs shuts downs abnormally
  • Incorrect settings firewall or anti-virus
  • Incorrect data path and IP address
  • Date and time incorrect

How to “Sage 50 Serial Data Error” can be fixed⁈

Sage 50 Serial Data error

Error: You can’t use Sage 50 program right now because this serial number are already in use maximum number of computers

Total Time: 25 minutes

☑ Process 1: Re-start Pervasive

● Log in as the administrator
● Click on Start >> “Start Search” box
● Type services.msc >> then click on OK
● Find Pervasive/Action PSQL Relational Engine >> then click and select Stop
● Right-click on each service again and select Start
● Just validate Sage and the company from which you no longer receive the error

☑ Process 2: Abnormal close or open files stuck in memory

● Shut down Sage on all the server and the workstations
● Choose Start and then Control Panel at the server
● Now, Press System and Security, and then hit Admin tools

Please note:- that you may not see System and Security, depending on your current view. Instead you will witness Admin tools. Follow the steps to fix the bug:

● Double-click “Computer Management”
● Again, double-click System Tools, Shared Folders, and then double-click Open files
● Now, emphasize any open Sage related file and close them
● Open company in Sage – verify no longer receive error

☑ Process 3: Number of Pervasive licenses

● Run SageReg.exe in program path and follow Article ID 10165, “ How to find data and program path”
● Press Key Status tab
● Validate number of User Content on the Permanent line
● Now, Activate in “SagerEg.exe” to update, if not enough

☑ Process 4: License count met

● The error will pop up, if it all you have a single-user version of Sage 50 and more than one PC tries to run the program concurrently
● You will face the error, if the number of users currently logged into the program matches the license limit.
● For example, 3 users logged in with a 3-user license
● Add-on programs such as Ship gear, Act! Link, Cert pay utilizes a Sage 50 license.
● You should have enough licenses for all human users plus a license for each add-on program.
● Once the license limit has been met, a user must be able to close the program before another is opened

The Sage error resolutions mentioned above are related to the different scenarios “Sage 50 Serial Data Error”. The solutions are provided by experienced Sage technical experts who have in depth product knowledge in handling Sage issues reported by the users. They assure prompt and responsive support in a short wait time. You can contact the support team via the Sage customer toll free support number 1800-986-6931 that is active round the clock.

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