Sage Secure Custom Cheques


Sage 50 Secure Custom Cheques

Sage Secure Custom Cheques is the latest secure technology employed to make sure that it is quite tough for the fraudster to make any unwanted changes in the document. With new technological advancements including digital printing and scanners, it is very important the business from all sort of Cheques fraud.

➤ The CBS1 Security Paper has been watermarked all over it that you can stay assured of ultimate security.

➤ Overprinting Hologram Guard – It is very difficult to temper hologram as it has a micro overprint.

➤ Hologram acts as an obstacle who tries to simulate the Cheques.

➤ A reaction against heat – When any Cheques is instantly validated with heat, the spot disappears.

➤ Microtext – Due to the micro font size of the text, it is very difficult for any fraudster to scan or color copy the Cheques.

➤ Number validation – To make sure that it is authentic, it contains an invisible UV Random Number.

➤ Numismatic UV (Invisible Pattern) – This security feature is a unique graphics technique that protects the Cheques against all sort of simulation and unwanted adulteration.

➤ MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) – It highlights if any adulteration in number takes place. It is protected by UV.

➤ Personalised Outlaw: Make your Cheques more personalized with your corporate name and logo. This is the best way to empower your brand.

➤ Aqua Ink for Better Security: It doesn’t let any fraudulent changes happen in the document. Whenever someone tries to tamper with the Cheques, the image scatters the colour and destroys the image.

➤ Solvent security ink: The ink is water-based covered by the polyester that makes it highly secure when any tearing type activity takes place

➤ PIRA Tested Laser Technology – It is a Laser toner specifically approved to get the purpose served.

➤ Safe and Secure Toner – The toner is made with anti-tampering technology as an advanced paper adhesive.

➤ Safe and Secure Enclosure – All the Cheques in Sage 50 are now equipped with an invisible UV Design that ultimately protects the Cheques.


To know the procurement procedure of Sage 50 Secure Custom Cheques, you can have our assistance at any point of time. We are all-time available to provide you with great assistance and technical support. Our Technical Support is available through our Official Email Address , via Live Chat Support through our website or via our Sage Technical Assistance Number so that you don’t have to wait to get connected with us. Call us at +1800-986-6931 toll-free number get in touch with us.

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