Set up 3000 Customer Record for Property Owner Sage 50

Set up 3000 Plus Customer Records for the Property Owner

Well, before giving the information on “How to set up 3000 customer record for the property owner sage 50” let us quickly discuss what Sage 50 is? Sage 50 is a Business management software that is used by mostly all the organizations to manage their data in a proper format and use it smartly whenever needed.

Setup Customer Record

The first thing that you do after installing the Sage 50 is to set your company so that you can start the things as it allows you to Create a New Company wizard. Before you set up around 3000 customer record for the property owner at sage 50 you have to take some steps to create your own company file and these are the major steps that you should keep in mind while creating a company file.

Firstly, you need to decide what will be your Earliest Transaction Date. People prefer to choose the dates like either the first day of the year or the first day of the fiscal year these two are considered as the good choice because you can then manage all the financial information from the day one on your calendar or quarterly and can track the inventories more easily. Despite you can modify the dates.

Secondly, formulate a new trial balance report to view all your account balances.

Now, as you look forward in the wizard it will ask you to fill all your necessary details like the Name of the company, Contact number, Address and the type of industry.

How to Set up 3000 Customer Record for Property Owner Sage 50

but before that we need to

First Set the company for Setting the Company follow the given steps:

  • Firstly, Enter the Name of the company, Contact number and Address.
  • Next, Enter the Earliest Transaction date.
  • Then, Select the industry type.
  • Further, select your ownership structure, industry type, and company type.
  • Next, click on the View List of Accounts to see the complete list of accounts that will be created for your company.
  • Now, select the range of account by clicking on the Account Ranges button
  • Then, enter a company name, location and click on the finish button to set your company.

As now as we have set the company

  • First, Go to the Customers & Sales Navigation Center in Sage 50.
  • Then, Click on the Customers icon and select the New Customer from the drop down list available.
  • Once you click on the Customers icon and select the New Customer a new window appears.
  • The window consists of various fields where you have to fill the customer details.
  • Once you are done with filling the details click on the save button.

This is how the customer is added and all his details will be available in this window as this window comprises of five tabs which have all the information the General tab provides the basic information of the customer, the sales Info tab provides all the sales default information, history tab provides the purchasing history of the customer, Payment and credit tab provides the credit card details of the customer and the contact tab provides the contact information of the customer.

Adding the Account Balances of Customer in Sage 50 for this follow the given steps:

  • In the Maintain Customer/Prospect window, Click on the history tab and select the customer beginning balances option.
  • Once you select the customer beginning balances option, Customer Beginning Balances window appears.
  • Now open the invoice tab and enter the necessary details like invoice number, amount owed by the customer, purchase order number and the date.
  • Then click on the save button to begin the accounts.
  • You can add balances of multiple customers at a particular time by clicking on the Customer Balances tab as it exhibit the list of customers for that business.
  • Don’t forget to save the accounts by clicking on the save button.

How to Create a New Customer Record:

  • Click on Customers section
  • Click on the New/edit option
  • Click on New
  • Enter the details for the record (company name, address, email, phone number)

How to Delete a Old and Unwanted Customer and Supplier Records:

  • Open relevant module in your system
  • Choose Quotations, Invoices, Credits and Sales orders
  • Select the items those you want to remove
  • Click on Delete
  • Click on Yes.

Steps to Delete a Product Records:

  • Open relevant module in your system
  • Select the records those you want to delete
  • Click on Delete
  • Confirm deletion >> click on Yes

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