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Xero Error and Issue

Xero Accounting software has gained a strong ground now and it has been progressing by leaps and bounds to ensure proper fulfillment of word procedure. But there can be various important points due to which your software may face such an issue.

Let’s take a look at some of the Xero Error Codes that your software my face.

Xero Error Code 404: Try to refresh the page, specified resource can’t be found.

For MAC User: Press CMD key and then press R to refresh your browser.

For Windows User: you need to refresh your browser. Either press refresh arrow or press F5.

You need to clear cookies and then cache: Try to clean the cookies and then clean cache. Old data may be stored in to your browser.

✔ Xero Error Code 500: Your Xero software may be experiencing system wide problem that cause certain disruption in the services.

  1. Clear Cache and Cookies: To ensure no previous data is stored. You need to follow this particular process. We also recommend you to follow the process of clearing cache and cookies at regular interval.
  2. Use another Browser to prevent yourself from experiencing the error:
    1. Check whether other workstation have also received the same error.
    2. Try to log-in with different browser.
    3. Try to log-in to different computer.

Let’s take a look at some of the Technical and Functional errors that may create errors in your Xero Accounting software.

Xero API Error Handling:

  • Xero api error 14
  • Xero api error number 10

Xero Banking Error and Issue:

  • Xero bank statement errors
  • Xero Bank Import Error

Xero  HTTP Response Codes

  • Xero Error Code 400: Validation exception has occurred
  • Xero Error Code 401: Invalid login credentials
  • Xero Error Code 403: Users not permitted to access resource
  • Xero Error Code 404: Resource cannot be found
  • Xero Error Code 500: Internal Error
  • Xero Error Code 503: the organization/business/industry can’t be connected and due to schedule outage, API is not available, Exceeded rate limit.
  • Xero Error Code 501: Unimplemented method.

Other Xero Common Error and Issue:

  • Xero Error Code B11Fg052: Unauthorized or Unauthenticated cloud service.
  • Xero Error Code B11Fg059: File has exceeded its maximum size.
  • Xero Error Code B11Fg062: Unavailability of Account that is needed for Cloud Storage.
  • Xero Error Code B11Fg071: Total amount is nil as upload receipt is zero.
  • Xero Wells Fargo Feed Error
  • Xero SYNC Error
  • Xero oops! an Unexpected Error
  • Xero 6605n SMB Server Error 
  • Xero Phaser 3260 in an Error State
  • Xero Error Code 1425
  • xero Error 2010
  • Xero Rounding Error
  • Xero Batch Payments Error
  • Xero Colorcube Printer Error Reset
  • Xero Connection Error
  • Xero CSV Upload Error
  • Xero Vat Rounding Error
  • Xero Runtime Error
  • Xero Error while Creating Invoice
  • Xero Paypal Error
  • Xero login error

These are some of the most common error codes that occur in your software due to certain function or technical causes/reasons.  We suggest you get in touch with us right away to get your error resolved.

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