Sage Error Code 1335- Installation is Corrupt

Sage Error 1335

Why usually does the Sage error 1335 crop up? This is one of the Sage technical error categories that is commonly reported by Sage software users.

What is Sage Error 1335

“The cabinet file ‘PCW_CAB_78CB96C9’ needed for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used further. This commonly signifies a network error or an error reading from the CD-ROM, or even a problem with this package.

The error comes with an error message:

Windows Installer Error 1335: The cabinet file 'xxx' required for this installation is corrupt.

NOTE: CAB refers to the Cabinet file. The cabinet file name mentioned above is just an example. It will vary in the real-time error scenario.

Major Cause of the Sage Installation Error 1335

  • Sage error 1335 usually occurs due to corrupt download or install media.
  • The cabinet file in the service pack installation package is corrupt.
  • In the process of downloading the installation files for service packs or patches from the Internet, a certain proxy server or firewall settings can interfere with the .cab file ending up corrupting the file.

Ways to Resolve Sage Error 1335 Installation is Corrupted

There are certain methods recommended for the resolution of Sage error 1335. For successful resolution, you can follow the methods in the given sequence. Move to the next solution only if the error fails to resolve with the above solution.

Ways I: Previously Downloaded File

  • Click Desktop -> Select New -> Choose Folder.
  • Type Install -> Enter.
  • Go to Start -> Run -> Locate for file SA_201x.
  • Check the downloadable executable file.
  • Click on file -> Run as administrator
  • Then click Browse on the installation directory
  • Select your desktop, then create a folder called “temp”
  • Click next and extract files into a new location.
  • Install Sage 50 in a general way.

Ways II: CD/DVD disc

Part A: Dirty DVD or Windows InstallShield issues

  • Clean & Insert the DVD.
  • Select Browse CD from the menu -> Click Sage 50 -> Click Install.
  • Accept license agreement -> then click Install.
  • Click Finish once complete.
  • Install Sage 50.
  • In case you encounter the error again move to the other

Part B: DVD Drive issues

  • Click Desktop -> New -> Choose Folder.
  • Enter Install -> Enter -> then Insert the DVD.
  • Go to the menu and choose Browse.
  • Select Edit -> Click Select All.
  • Choose Edit -> Click Copy.
  • Click the Install folder on your Desktop.
  • Select Edit -> click Paste then Launch.exe.
  • Move to Part III if you still face the error.

Part C: DVD Drive Problems or Missing files

  • Download Sage 50
  • Check for an error-free installation.
  • Call the tech support team in case you still face the error.

Ways III: Downloaded Installer file is corrupted

  • In case when you complete downloading and scanning of the installer file it displays a message that the file is corrupt.
  • Close the Antivirus program and Windows firewall
  • Download the file again
  • In case the error crops up once again on install
  • Download it from another computer.

For further information, you must connect with the Sage 50 chat support team. The team comprises experienced and knowledgeable.

Sage professionals are readily available on the live chat which is considered the quickest mode of acquiring support. Also, they can be approached via phone at +1800-986-6931. It is a reliable Sage support agency that assures quick and feasible support to the users to fix “Sage error 1335”.

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