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Sage 50 accounting software is useful for organizations who are handling numerous products and transactions. Apart from its benefits users may sometimes face issues. Forgotten or incorrect passwords are a common problem in Sage 50. This can disturb software access and your productivity. To address this issue there are many tips. Using the Sage 50 password recovery tool is one of them. This tool helps in recovering manager account passwords. This is essential for making changes, setting user access and managing accounting data. With the help of password reset option or the recovery tool overcoming password-related challenges becomes simpler with Sage 50.

Benefits of Sage 50 Password Recovery Tool

  • Sage 50 password recovery simplifies the process of regaining access to your account by providing user-friendly options.
  • The tool minimizes downtime by easily recovering forgotten passwords and  ensures uninterrupted workflow within the Sage 50 accounting software.
  • Access to the recovery tool adds an extra layer of security allowing authorized users to regain control over their accounts securely.
  • Individuals can independently initiate the password recovery process and  reduce the dependence on external support and enable quick issue resolution.
  • The tool specializes in recovering passwords for manager accounts, empowering administrators to manage user access and make necessary changes.
  • Users can save valuable time and resources by easily resolving password-related issues without extensive technical assistance.

How to Reset the Manager password in Sage 50?

Resetting your manager password in Sage 50 is a simple process which ensures that you have control over your account security.

To Change Password When Logged In

  • Navigate to Settings then go to User Management and select “Change Your Password”.
  • If prompted, enter your current password and click Log on.
  • Enter your new password then confirm it and them add a security question and answer if required.
  • Click OK.

If You Forgot Your Manager Password

  • On the Logon window enter your Logon name and move to the next box.
  • Click Forgotten password and answer your security question and then click OK.
  • Enter a new password, confirm it and then add a security question and answer.
  • Click OK.

Now you don’t have to worry about forgotten passwords again because you know that Sage 50 makes it easy to reset and maintain control.

How to Change a User’s Password in Sage 50?

Changing a user’s information in Sage 50 including their password and access rights is a simple process. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

To Change a Password

  • Navigate to the Maintain menu, select Users and then Set Up Security to open the User Security window.
  • Highlight the user whose password you want to change (requires Admin user login).
  • Click Reset Password and then  enter and confirm the new password.
  • The user creates a permanent password on their next login.

To Change User’s Rights

  • Click the user who records what you want to modify.
  • Click Edit User’s Rights to open the User Rights window.
  • Change the password if needed. Passwords should be  case-sensitive and unique.
  • Adjust the user’s security level. Full access, Selected access, or None.
  • Click OK for Full access or None. If chosen Selected access then proceed to the Sage 50 Selected Access window to specify areas of access.

Set up Access Passwords for Additional Users

Setting up individual logins is essential to help multiple users in Sage 50 Accounts. This not only enables efficient tracking of user activities but also provides control over specific areas they can access within the software. For multi-user versions access rights are automatically enabled. But for single-user versions it needs manual activation.

  • Navigate to Settings, then Company Preferences and click ‘Parameters’.
  • In the ‘Others’ section check the Access Rights box, then click OK.
  • The default login is ‘manager’ with no password. If a password was previously used then use it with the ‘manager’ login.

In case you Forgot the password? No worries, a manager password reset option is available.

Adding a new user in Sage 50 Accounts

  • Log in as the manager.
  • Navigate to Settings, then User Management, and select Users.
  • Click on “New” and choose the user type:
    • Standard: Grant access based on their role.
    • Accountant or Bookkeeper: Allow data access and management for other Accountant or Bookkeeper types.
    • Administrator: Full access to company data and all functions.
    • Read Only (Sage 50 v28.1 and above): Read-only access to specified modules.
  • Click “Continue.”
  • Enter user details:
    • Create a username.
    • Choose whether a password is required.
    • Select password change at the next login if needed.
    • Create and confirm the password.
  • Click “Continue” and select the software areas the user should access. Use checkboxes for specific functions within each area.
  • For full access choose “Select All” and then “Continue.”
  • If remote data access is needed then click “Allow remote access.”
  • Check the user summary and click “Save.”
  • The new user details appear on the list. To exit you can  click in “Close.”
  • Read Only (Sage 50 v28.1 and above): Read-only access to specified modules.

For Sage 50 Accounts v26 and below, adding a new user involves these steps:

  • Log in as the manager in Sage 50 Accounts.
  • In the menu bar go to Settings then Access Rights and click on New.
  • Complete the “Create New User” window with the following details:
    • User or Logon name: Enter a user or logon name (up to 32 characters).
    • Password: Set a password for the user (up to 10 characters). Note that passwords are optional but required for the manager logon in v23.1 and above.
  • Full Access / No Access: Default is Full Access; change to No Access if needed.
  • Click OK and then Close to finish the process.


In conclusion, Sage 50 Password Recovery offers a user-friendly solution for forgotten passwords and user management. The process is simple whether you want to reset the manager password, adjust user access rights or create new users. However, for any existing errors don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Sage 50 customer support team. We’re here to ensure a seamless experience and provide assistance required to your Sage 50 needs.


I forgot my Sage 50 password. How can I recover it?

If you’ve forgotten your Sage 50 password, no problem. Simply access the login window, click on “Forgotten password,” and answer the security question. You can then create a new password and regain access to your account.

Is it possible to reset the manager password within Sage 50?

Absolutely. When logged in using the MANAGER username then go to Settings then go to User Management and click on “Change Your Password.” Follow the prompts to enter a new password and enhance the security of your manager account.

Can I change a user’s password and access rights in Sage 50?

Yes, you can. As the admin user, go to Maintain, select Users and choose Set Up Security. You can reset a user’s password, email a temporary password and adjust their access rights, providing flexibility and control.

I need to create a new user in Sage 50. How do I do this?

To add a new user, log in as the manager, go to Settings then navigate to User Management and click on Users. Choose the user type (Standard, Accountant, Administrator, or Read Only) and then enter details like username and password and customize their access to different areas of the software.

What’s the process for Sage 50 password recovery on a single-user version?

On a single-user version you might need to manually enable access rights. Navigate to Settings, then Company Preferences and click on Parameters. Check the Access Rights box to activate it. If you forget the manager password it can easily be reset.

I’m using Sage 50 Accounts v26 and below. How can I change a user’s password?

If you’re using Sage 50 Accounts v26 and below, changing a user’s password is very simple. While logged in as the Admin user, select the user, click on “Reset Password,” and enter the new password. This ensures secure and controlled user management.

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