Sage 50 Balance Sheet Out of Balance

SAGE 50 Balance Sheet Out of Balance

In this article Sage users learn how to fix “Sage 50 Balance Sheet Out of Balance“, how to “View Balance Sheet“, and how to “Generate Balance Sheet“.

Sage 50 is basically, financial management software, incorporated with the advanced features and tools to handle all sorts of accounting operation very smoothly, in a short time. This software simplifies all the accounting related work of the small or mid-size business. But there are times when users come across several errors that can definitely appear as a barrier to the smooth running of the organization.

What is Sage 50 Balance Sheet:

Types of Balance Sheets:

  • Comparative Balance Sheet
  • Comparative Subsidiary Balance Sheet
  • Multi-period Balance Sheet
  • Departmental Balance Sheet

Steps to View Balance Sheet in Sage:

  • Goto “Report” section
  • Open “Report Center” in the Home window
  • Select “Financials” >> “Balance Sheet” >> then choose “balance sheet report” by name
  • Click on “Display

One such error can be the imbalance of the accounts in the balance sheet, which indicates inaccurate balance in the retained earnings in the said fiscal year with no transaction to cause it.

Causes: Sage 50 Balance Sheet out of Balance / Off-balance

  • Types of accounts might have changed
  • The transactions might have Damaged
  • Custom report Damaged
  • In Custom report, General ledger account might be missing
  • Subsidiary companies are out of balance

Resolution: Fix Sage 50 Balance Sheet Out of Balance or Unbalance Issue

Follow the all steps given below-

☑ Solution I: Verify the damaged transaction error

  • Firstly, select Report > Forms > click on “General Ledger
  • In the General Ledger report, click option
  • Adjust the “time/date/year” accordingly and click “OK”
  • If still error appear, close the General Ledger report/error message and open a report or form
  • Verify whether all the user have closed “Sage 50
  • Go to “file” >> then “Data Verification”  >>  then Click on “Start” button
  • The test will automatically begin, once the backup is saved.

Once the data verification procedure is done, check the account balance. In case, if the problem still continues, follow the solution II.

☑ Solution II: Check the Integrity

Before, following Solution II, make sure that you have the back-up of the company prior and start proceeding;

  • Close the Sage 50 program of all the Users
  • Click “Tasks” >> “System” >> then select “Change Accounting Period
  • Then, Click on “OK”
  • Select “Help” >> then “Support Utilities” >> last select “Integrity Check
  • Run the charts which includes “Chart of Accounts” / “Journal Synchronization test
  • Now, check the account balances. If the error still continues and the balance sheet is out of balance; follow the next step.
  • Open “Access Integrity Check” >> and then click “Continue
  • Select “Journal Balances” box >> and then click on “OK” button
  • Finally, check the account balance.
  • By the end of the solutions, we make sure you are cleared about the issue and you are easily able to resolve the issue.

How to Generate Balance Sheet in Sage:

  • Open you Company >> then Links pane >> then Financials >> then click on Balance Sheet
  • Select the required field follows:
    • Sends the report to your printer
    • Preview your report
    • Saves the report to file
    • Sends the report by email
  • Click on Run to generate report >> Enter any required criteria choose the accounting
    • year-to-date values
    • chose period
    • choose the Chart of Accounts
    • A default Charts of Accounts is available or you can create new

Additional Support:

We are sure that by now you are cleared about the issue and you are no longer facing any problems. But if Sage 50 balance sheet out of balance, you can directly connect to our technical team, who would assist you solve all issue and doubt regarding any issues you are facing. We have a handful of experience and the knowledgeable technical team who is proficient enough in handling any kind of issues, in a very short time.

You can connect with our technical team by;

  • Directly calling at our helpline number +1 800-986-6931.
  • Or, you can connect Via, Sage Live Chat Support
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