Upgrade Sage 50 2017 to Sage 50 2018

Upgrade Sage 2017 to 2018

The new versions have always incorporated features that automate and fasten the entire transaction process along with saving abundant time. Read more to know how to upgrade Sage 50 2017 to Sage 50 2018.

Globally applauded as one of the most reliable business management solutions, especially for small to medium-size businesses, Sage 50 continues to mark an upward trend amongst most businesses this year.

Ways to Upgrade Sage 50 2017 to Sage 50 2018: Be the First Person

Being user-friendly software, its interface goes through regular upgrades with an objective to simplify the complex financial and accounting process operations for the users.

This is typically done in three parts

Ways I: Software Preparation

In this step, it is important to check if your system is compatible with the latest version. If the Sage software can sync well with the system, a user may prepare the system to download the version as the next step. Refer below to prepare your system to upgrade to Sage 2018:

  • Take a backup of all your critical data and files.
  • Exit Sage software and close all the programs before commencing the installation on your company server.
  • Turn off anti-virus software during the process. You may leave your firewall and enable the notifications.
  • Ensure that “User Account Control” is not set to maximum, but minimum.

Ways II: Downloading the Software

A user can follow the below instructions to download the software:

  • Visit the Sage website and download the 2018 version.
  • Next, click to open the Program -> click on Services -> choose Check for Updates -> click Check Now -> select Sage 50 US_2018.0 Upgrade -> select Download option.
  • Close Program as the download finishes and move to the next step.

Ways III: Installation

A user may install it on a personal computer, company network, or workstation.

To Install on your computer

  • Go to “Install Options”.
  • Select an appropriate location to install the software.
  • Unblock/allow firewall warnings.
  • Finish Installation and reboot the system.

To Install the latest Sage software on a network

  • Go to “Install Options”.
  • Click Next.
  • Select the location to install the software.
  • Click on the “Shared Folder” option on the company’s share data screen.
  • Click “Next” and validate if the permissions are set correctly.
  • Finish installation and reboot the system.

To install on your workstation

  • Install on the server first.
  • Check if the install is done on the Terminal Services environment, if so the software can be installed on multiple computers simultaneously.
  • Follow the above steps to finish the installation and reboot the system to check if the software is adequately installed.

If you face any errors or issues while upgrading Sage 2017 to Sage 2018, reach out to our Online Chat Support technical team to get instant help call +1800-986-6931.

Here are the New and Improved Features of Sage 50 2018

Before we proceed with the steps, here’s the list of new features you can enjoy by upgrading to the latest version:

▶ Upgraded User Interface: With a modernized look, the latest version of the software will present a monochromatic color scheme and flat display icon/menu appearance along with adequate white space and high monitor resolution.

  ▶ Filtering Inventory by Activity: Another remarkable feature is sorting your inventory by the last activity, i.e. user can select and mark inactivated inventory items based on the last activity date. The feature is expected to save users time and effort.

  ▶ Check Cleared Date: The 2018 edition will facilitate users to add a Cleared Date column on the Cash Disbursements/ Check Register. This will indicate the date of transaction clearance in account reconciliation.

  ▶ Improved Click-to-Pay Option: The updated Sage Payment Solutions offers an improved payment link to emailed invoices (previously upgraded in the 2017.2 version with shortcomings as it requires customers to manually turn in off). The new version, in turn, provides a choice for the user to select the option.

The other new features include:

  • Sage Capture to capture a screenshot of a receipt.
  • Sage Intelligence Cloud Reporting Option which is integrated with Office 365.
  • More Control & Better Flexibility as the user gets detailed control over Office 365 tool.
  • Provides AP Automation.

Reach out to the Sage tech support help team of Sage 50 experts at our toll-free number +1800-986-6931.

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