Sage 300 Error Codes, and Messages

Sage 300 Error

In this article, users read what is Sage 300, the causes, and ways to fix Sage 300 Error codes, messages, problems, and issues. Sage 300 errors are UI containers stopped working, posting error, mfc140.dll, error code 49153, error code 40960 & 40962, error code 98.

Sage 300 has multiple versions and product updates; each new version contains several product updates that bring new functionality to the basic version of Sage 300. Product updates are critical for several reasons. For example, if the addition of features is made compatible with a certain version and product update, it is critical to install the relevant edition and product update to execute that addon. When we remove an earlier version of Sage 300 to install a newer version, we sometimes erase Sage 300 critical keys from Regedit, which produces this issue. To avoid this mistake, we must never delete the Accpac subfolder from Regedit.

What is Sage 300

Sage 300 can assist you in preparing your company for development as well as managing your finance, operations, and inventories. Simplify your accounting to get paid quicker. Sage 300 is an accounting software package aimed at small and micro-businesses. Accounting, sales, service, buying, and inventory management functions are all supported by the application. Sage 300 assists businesses by…

  • Using an integrated management platform, you may improve cross-departmental cooperation.
  • Maintain an up-to-date understanding of business finance and operational performance measures.
  • Reduce transactional inefficiencies to improve productivity.
  • Process-oriented to use key management capability at any time and from any location.

What are the Ways to Fix Sage 300 UI Containers Stopped Working

The following are the steps to fix Sage 300 UI containers that stopped working:

Ways I: You must be logged in as an administrator or an account with administrative privileges on the server or workstation

  • The first step is to start the command prompt as administrator.
  • Enter this command from the command line C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\regasm /register [sage300runtimefolder]\a4wcrinterop.dll.
  • Now, Register for the sage 300 runtime folder.
  • Next, locate the Sage 300 runtime folder in Sage 300 ERP where it is installed. 
  • Change as needed based on the location of the runtime folder.
  • If the registration fails, make sure the Crystal Runtime Engines is correctly installed.
  • Now open windows 2012/2012 R2 and Windows 8/8.1.
  • Then under the heading select features, select the features option.
  • Now, tick a mark on .NET framework 3.5(includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0).
  • Next step in windows 8/8.1 in windows features, select .NET framework 3.5 (includes NET 2.0 and 3.0).
  • Lastly, select .NET framework 4.5 advanced services.

Note: If the preceding actions do not address the issue, remove and reinstall system management as a local administrator, and then apply the most recent product update for the Sage 300 version installed. If you are utilizing a Windows XP workstation, make sure that Windows Updates are up to date.

Ways II: Crystal Runtime Files have many Versions

Replace [sage 300 runtime folder] with the exact path of the RUNTIME file (local drive or UNC). If the address to runtime is lengthy, wrap it in double quotations.

To determine whether you have various versions of the crystal runtime files:

  • First, Navigate to the Control Panel.
  • Then Programs and Features.
  • Look for programs with names like “Seagate Crystal” or “Crystal Decisions” that have been installed.

If you have various versions of the crystal runtime files, the issue may also occur. This can happen if another program is utilizing various crystal runtime engines. If you have another program that utilizes a separate runtime engine, you must remove it and reinstall it on a new system.

Ways to Fix the Sage 300 Posting Error

The various errors and resolution of Sage 300 posting errors are as follows:

What is a Printing Error Report in Sage 300 Error

Perhaps you’re attempting to publish a transaction to a restricted period or inputting an already-entered invoice. Printing a Publishing Errors Report is the easiest technique to investigate and find out. This ought to be your first point of contact if any batches fail to publish due to error. The Posting Errors report may be accessed in which the Transaction Reports for accounts payable, receivable accounts, and general ledger are situated (for G/L, it is called simply the Posting Journals Report and can be found inside G/L Reports).

What are the common Posting Errors & Fixes in Accounts Payable In Sage 300 Error?

Here are some of the most frequent Sage 300 accounts payable errors and fixes.


  • Posting to an inactive or closed year.
  • Invoice XXXX is already in existence.
  • In batch xxxx, entry xxx, the net invoice amount does not equal the net disbursed amount.

Ways to Fix the Sage 300 Posting and Accounts Payable Error

  • Check your entry to ensure you’re posting to the proper year.
  • If this is the case, you must go to Shared Accounts, Financial Cycle to unlock/activate a year.
  • That Invoice number has already been used for that vendor.
  • Check to see whether you’re duplicating the entry.
  • If not, you may still put a message at the end of the invoice to assist you to link the payments to that invoice.
  • Examine the transaction, tax, and totals to identify the error.

What are the Common Posting Errors & Fixes in Accounts Receivable In Sage 300 Error

Here are some of the most typical Sage 300 accounts receivable errors and fixes.


  • The total number of information does not equal the total quantity of invoice error has been received
  • A document cannot be processed. The customer number is no longer active.
  • There is already a document with the number XXXXXX.

Ways to Fix the Sage 300 Posting and Accounts Receivable Error

  • Whenever a tax agency is set to utilize a cost model and an item in an order is set to a price per unit of $0, the mistake occurs.
  • When an invoice is submitted from O/E to A/R, the tax computation for the starting price is incorrect.
  • Instead, the tax is computed based on the selling price, which is erroneous.
  • Make sure the User is set to Active. If this is the case and you continue to receive this issue, there is indeed an issue with the ARCUS database that has to be resolved by your partner.
  • Everyone must quit the module that is causing the issue.
  • Set the Next Amount for the article that is causing the error to the next consecutive number in Options.
  • It’s conceivable that someone already supplied a manual document number.
  • When the system creates a “New” file, it usually uses the next consecutive number.
  • If it has already been used, you must proceed with one number forward.

What are the Common Posting Errors & Fixes in General Ledger (GL Error Batch)?

Here are among the most common Sage 300 ledger accounts errors and fixes.


  • It is not acceptable to post in the future year.
  • It is not possible to publish the locked fiscal period XX.
  • The Controlling Account’s XXXX suitable list does not include Journal Detailed source ledger XX.

Ways to Fix the Sage 300 Posting and General Ledger (GL Error Batch) Error

  • In Common Services, add a new fiscal year to the Fiscal Year Calendar.
  • Convert the JE to an unlimited fiscal period or unlock the fiscal period.
  • Examine the GL Account configuration and enter the source ledger to which you wish to publish to the subsidiary ledger.

Ways to Fix Sage 300 Error mfc140.dll

The cause of Sage 300 error mfc140.dll is the workstation lacks the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable. Since Sage 300 2018, the application has used Microsoft Visual C++ versions 2015, 2017, and 2019 (x86 redistributable).

Below are the Ways to Fix this Sage 300 Error Code mfc140.dll

To fix the Sage 300 error mfc140.dll you need to download Microsoft Visual C++.

Latest Supported Downloads for Microsoft Visual C++

The file is a set of the most recent English (en-US) Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable modules for Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2022. The most recent supported version includes the most recently implemented C++ features, as well as safety, reliability, and performance enhancements. It also incorporates the most recent revisions to the C++ dominant language and framework standards compliance. This version is recommended for any applications written with Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019, or 2022.

The above links will help you to download the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++.

Ways to Fix Sage 300 Error 49153

There are different ways to Fix Sage 300 error 49153, below are the steps.

Ways I- Sage Database

  • First Activate Sage Database Setup, as well as the Company and Systems Database Profiles.
  • Now, Check the Data Sources or Server names.
  • Next, Login ID, and Database names check these two things too.

Ways II: ODBC Data Source

  • First, On 32-bit PCs, launch the 32-bit version of ODBC Data Source Administrator from Control Panel then open Administrative Tools, and then tap on Data Sources (ODBC)
  • Now, Locate the Data Source or Server name on the System DSNs tab.
  • Next, Confirm the SQL server’s name in the DSN field. 
  • Now, In SQL Security, input the Username And password, and ensure that other settings were left as default.

Ways III- SQL Server

  • Check database connection from the DSN
  • If the above test fails, ping the server name in a Command Prompt (cmd.exe) to verify address resolution and connection.
  • If the ping test is unsuccessful, try pinging the IP address directly.
  • If everything goes OK, insert the IP address into the DSN entry and retest database connectivity.
  • If the database connexion with the IP address fails:
    • The User can not even have access to the SQL Server.
    • The SQL Server might not be ready to handle the connection.
  • When none of the previous tests are successful, proceed with debugging using the steps below.
    • Just on the SQL Database server, do the following checks
    • Your SQL Server Services are operational.
    • Within SQL Server Network Configuration, Protocol for service registry, TCP IP properties, IP Addresses tab, the TCPIP Static port is set (the default is 1433), and the TCP Dynamic Ports are blank.
    • Check that the SQL Server instance is set to utilize the right port. 
    • Incoming calls to the defined TCP IP port are permitted by the Firewall.

Ways to Fix Sage 300 Error 40960 and 40962

Below are the steps to fix Sage errors 40960 and 40962

The first is an error message that says, “Cannot access database (error=40960).” This problem usually occurs whenever the Data Named (DSN) used in SQL setup links to an inappropriate server.

The Fix is to appropriately configure DSN with the appropriate database server

To do so, take the following steps:

  • Accessible Datasets (ODBC) (on a 64-bit operating system, use 32-bit Data Sources (ODBC))
  • Click Configure after selecting the appropriate DSN.
  • Complete the DSN configuration using the necessary parameters.

Note: Another mistake happens when you connect to Sage 300 ERP and discover that the database has been locked. To debug, examine the SQL drivers installed on the problematic workstation and ensure that the correct ones are installed. If everything is in order, remove ODBC DSN on the problematic workstation and recreate it. If a DSN does not already exist, one should be created. Then try to log in again.

Ways to Fix Sage 300 Error 98?

Below are the ways to Fix Sage 300 error 98:

  • Began the Sage 300 Databases setup, tried to build New, and referred to my already constructed system database, Sage detected my Data Source, said OK and received the error 98 messages.
  • Just verified the ODBC Data Source Administrator and everything appeared to be in order (name and path to folder)
  • In the directories, DDF files are produced.
  • File permissions (Pervasive, Sage, and data location appeared to be in order) (modify or full)
  • The pervasive license type is equal to perpetual.
  • Sage licenses are all active.

Ideally, you will find the preceding post on How to fix Sage 300 Error informative!

Please feel free to contact the Sage 300 helpdesk at +1800-986-6931 if you have any queries or issues regarding the instructions. The workforce is available to help you in addressing problems. The team will get back to you as soon as possible.

How to Check ODBC Setting in Sage 300 Error?

Below are the ways to check the ODBC settings in Sage 300 Error…

✔️ The first step is to Examine the ODBC Configuration
✔️ To open the “Run” box, press the “Windows” + “R” keys together.
✔️ In the search bar, enter “%WinDir%\system64\odbcad64.exe”.”
✔️ Enter the “Enter” key.
✔️ In the “ODBC Data Source Administrator” window, click on the server name.
✔️ This will display the information.

What features does Sage 300 offer?

Sage 300 provides a wide variety of company management capabilities, covering finance, operations, sales, and service. Sage 300 provides multi-currency and multi-language features to address the demands of enterprises with worldwide operations. The Sage 300 solution may be upgraded to handle CRM, HRMS, timesheets, sophisticated business analytics, and online payment requirements by integrating with other Sage products.

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