Sage 50 Error Loading Current Company File

What is “Error Loading Current Company File Sage 50”

Most of the Sage users complain that they receive the error “loading current company file” while working but very user knows what is this error, what are the causes and what can you do to remove this error. In today’s article, we will discuss the same error, its causes, and its solutions.

Causes and Reasons for this Error

When Sage 50 displays “Error loading current company files” it means sage 50 has stopped working or your system is not able to open program else company file is missing after updating the server. Let’s come to the causes of this error. Below are some causes of this error.

Service released has been installed not on all the computers

Opening workstation before installing the update

Release or build is not the same on all computers in a network

Invalid company is trying to open automatically


Stop Wasting Time Resolve Sage 50 Error Loading Current Company File

☑ Section 1: Sage 50 Update Installed On Server

First of all close sage 50

✔ Go to update folder

✔ Click on the latest Program update

✔ Just follow the instruction on the screen to install the update

✔ After successful installation of, restart your computer

✔ Open the sage 50

✔ Go to Help>>about sage 50 accounting to check if updates are installed or not.

☑ Section 2: Open Splash Screen

✔ Right-click on Sage and click on properties

✔ Select the targeted line and copy it

✔ Now close the property window

✔ Open a run time window by pressing Window +R

✔ Now paste that link which is copied

✔ At the end of that line, add a space and then ABC

✔ Click on OK

✔ Sage will open to the splash screen

✔ When sage open the splash screen make sure that you are opening the current company

✔ If the correct company is opened but still error is coming, go to services and check for updated download and install the latest service release.

☑ Section 3: Need to Restoring the Backup

✔ Create another backup

Restore the backup made recently

✔ Use a different backup

☑ Section 4: Delete Damaged/Corrupt Data Files in Company Data Folder

✔ First, Choose a file then open company, and please note your company file location

✔ Then close the program

✔ Next step press Windows + E

✔ Next, you need to navigate to the directory

✔ Above all steps complete, Now locate damage/corrupt data files and need to delete from your system

  •  Select All ❰.DAT temp files❱, ❰.DDF files❱, ❰.DAT ptl files❱, ❰.LCK files❱, ❰.PTL files❱, ❰.MKD files❱, ❰.RPT files❱, ❰.PTR files❱, and ❰dat file if available❱

✔ Last, Open your company file without any error and issue.  Let’s Feel Free


Connect Sage 50 Chat Team

If you are also stuck in this error, just get in touch with us by calling at 1800-986-6931 and our technical support team will help, you can also fill the contact form given on the website or live chat with Sage 50 Chat team 24*7 anytime anywhere. Just call out the support team and forget all your technical issues.


Question in Your Mind Related This Issue

Ques Is it necessary to take a backup of the system?

Ans – Yes, we recommend taking a back up always at a regular time period to avoid any loss of data.

Ques What do I need to do if all the above-mentioned steps do not work?

Ans – You need to call us at 1800-986-6931 Our experts will rectify the error instantly to save your time.

QuesIs my data is safe with you?

Ans – Yes, that is our most priority that we don’t compromise with our client’s data and your data is safe with.

Ques How your experts are reliable to handle my data?

Ans – Our technical support team is highly professional, dedicated and having experience of more than 20 years with vast experience in Technical support and skills.

Ques What are the services you deal with?

Ans – We deal with software purchasing, updating the latest service release, resolving the technical issues and query related to Sage 50.

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