Sage 50 Error Code 1101

Sage 50 Error 1101

Whenever Sage 50 Error 1101 flashes, the message behind it is “The VRN specified wasn’t found” which means that “The Gateway doesn’t recognize VAT registration no.”  There are many times when you start using your software and it starts creating problems due to various reasons.

Sage 50 an accounting software, that helps you in keeping records of all your financial transactions, bookkeeping, and many accounting-related works. So, it needs to be checked very well and should go through scheduled scan checks so that it stays free from all the errors. It carries various salient features that give it an edge over various other accounting software present in the market today.

What does Mean Sage 50 Error 1101

All we can do is find the exact reason that caused the error and find the ways of resolving the issue. So that it does not bother you again. There are many other Sage Errors like Error code 1304, Error Code 1325, Error Code 1327, and many more that hamper the functioning of Sage. You get an error message on your screen…

Error 1101- Could not allocate a new page for the database because of insufficient disk space in the primary file group

There can be Various Reasons and Causes for Sage 50 Error 1101

  • Any invalid character added in the VAT credentials.
  • Extra spaces are added between VAT numbers.
  • VAT number is a number, it may happen that you add any alphabet while entering VAT number and details.
  • When registration of MSIEXEC

Ways to Fix Sage 50 Error 1101

There are various ways that this error can be resolved. All you need to keep in mind certain things to eradicate this issue.

  • You need to delete all invalid characters from the credentials that you are submitting.
  • VAT is a number, don’t make it alphanumeric, in case you mistakenly add such character or space.
  • Make sure you remove them to make them acceptable to the software.
  • Now, select the VAT returns >> Redo the Report you were previously doing. –> follow the steps again.
  • If you using Government gateway.
  • Delete all the credentials and re-enter the same credentials again.
  • Now, continue with the submission process.

Once you follow the above-mentioned steps, your issue will be resolved. Keep in mind not to repeat such errors again for the smooth functioning of the program. Sage 50 support chat is loaded with all the help that you need when you face such issues Sage 50 error 1101 as above-mentioned. You can chat with our customer support executive. You can also call us on our toll-free number +1800-986-6931 regarding your problem

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