SagePay Error 4020 – Information Received from Invalid IP Address


In this article Sage users learn how to fix “SagePay Error code 4020” (while activating Sage Pay On Sage 200).  If SagePay is integrated with your website with the help of Direct Method or the Server, you must valid IP Address for your web hosting company or your platform to start accepting the transaction through SagePay.

Types of SagePay Integration – My SagePay

  • Shopper checkout
  • Payment information
  • Submit a payment

SagePay Error Code 4020: Information Received from an Invalid IP Address- Sage 200

The SagePay Error 4020 simply states that the transaction post which you are getting from hosting company or website is not made through the valid IP Address that you enter in your Sage Pay Account.

All transactions that are posted from your website/server MUST be sent via one of the IP addresses that you have provided to Sage Pay. If your IP address is not entered within.

If dynamic IP Range is used to making the transaction in MySagePay, it is for sure that the error will occur with your software.

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Causes and Reason SagePay Information Received 4020

  • No Access to SagePay: This error users facing while registering their IP address.  So users no any task performed till the time when users pick up with the valid IP address.
  • System Crashing: Sysem crashing is a another way to impacts on the performance of the SagePay.

Here is the Solution Procedure that will help you Fix Information Received SagePay Error Code 4020 in SAGE 200

It is very easy to fix the SagePay Error Code 4020. At first, you have to stop the error from occurring again and the information will automatically not be posted through the Sage Pay.

The second thing that you need to do is locate the IP Address. For that, follow the steps we are mentioning below:

☑ Advanced  Solution System: 

  • First, Start your system >> login as administrator
  • Then Go to Start menu >> select all programs >> System Tools >> System Restore
  • Next, Select “Restore my system to an earlier time” >> select next
  • Sure, Choose the latest system repair point >> then select the restore point list >> click to Next
  • Open a confirmation window >> click next
  • Last, Restoration part is completed >> restart the system

☑ Add Correct IP Address from SagePay Account Control Panel

  • First, Click on the Start Menu >> then type CMD Command
  • Next, DOS Window will load up >> type the Ping followed by URL that can take you to your own website
  • Here you will get the IP Address of the website from where the transaction is processed using SagePay
  • Now, you will get the IP Address, enter the IP Address into your Admin Account of MySagePay.

 ☑ Use Sage Pay Simulator to process the transaction:

  • Now, retrieve the IP Address using which the transaction had been processed earlier.

 ☑ Contact with your server administrator

  • If you have your own internal server, the information must be there in your server. Get the IP Address from the server.

 ☑ If your website is with some other hosting company:

  • If it is hosted by any third-party, you can get the IP Address from them

Sage Pay offers many advantages like Online payment, Phone payment, Face to Face payment and Invoice payment with complete security to make your payment safe and secure. It still faces some issues due to various technical reasons. It is better if these issues are handled by technical experts only.

Why Contact Experts?

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