Cannot Select Invoices for Cash Receipts Payment in Sage 100

Can't Select Invoices for Cash Receipts Payment in Sage 100

In this article, you learn how to resolve “Cannot Select Invoices for Cash Receipts Payment in Sage 100“. ‘Invoice Balance Exceeded” or “Invoice already paid” messages have been encountered while dealing with cash receipts. Also, errors such as the invoice balance amount showing zero can also occur.

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In case you have faced such ‘Error’ messages, in Sage 100 there may be a couple of Causes for this

  • The ‘cash receipts entry’ has this invoice picked up for payment in another entry
  • The invoice was picked for payment, but the transaction was not completed due for some reason

Such errors can be frustrating if you have several invoices to clear or at the time of Payroll calculations. Although the Sage support or the Ask Sage page can help you point out the error, a quick resolution can be obtained by trying to troubleshoot at your end.

Ways to Resolve the Issue Cannot Select Invoices for Cash Receipts Payment in Sage 100

The Sage 100 team has given out clear instructions and ‘to do’ facts to deal with such errors and has also helped troubleshoot at the customer end.

Ways I: Check the invoice

  • On ‘Accounts Receivable’, click on ‘Main’ and then ‘Customer Maintenance’
  • Select the ‘Customer Number’
  • Click on the ‘Invoices’
  • Check for the ‘Invoice Balance’ column and select the invoice for which the error has occurred
  • Check the balance on the ‘Invoices’ column

If there is enough balance in the invoice, then the problem might be due to some other issue, like ‘Invoice’ picked before and not paid, or tried the payment from different entries.

The ‘Payments Today’ field needs to be set correctly to make the payment on the ‘Invoice’. Try the next set of steps to fix this issue at your end.

Ways II: Setting up the ‘Payments Today’ field

  • Close the multiple entries to the ‘Accounts Receivable’ and ‘Sales Order’ modules from all points
  • Click on the ‘SAGE 100 ERP desktop, select ‘RUN’ from the FILE menu
  • Enter ‘ARWAR4’ in the program file, and click ‘OK
  • A prompt will appear on the screen, with the message about clearing and ‘recalculating’ the Payments Today field. Select ‘Yes
  • Click ‘Yes’ again to the prompt message warning about the corrections in the AR open invoice table
  • Now try to complete the invoice for the cash payments

This should clear the Error and help you complete the invoice payments. In circumstances where this does not work, try the below-mentioned steps to reinitialize and reset the Data entry files and Payments Field Today.

Ways III: Re-initializing Data Entry Files

  • Update the cash receipt files (existing)
  • Click on the following AR files to reinitialize them: Cash receipts header, Cash receipts deposit, Cash receipt detail, and Cash receipt restart.
  • For batch invoices, click on ‘Data file display and maintenance’ and select the ‘Company Active Batch’ to delete them.

Ways IV: Resetting the Data Entry Files

  • To edit the ‘Payments Today’ file, select the ‘Library Master > Utilities > Data File Display > Maintenance
  • Click on ‘Open Invoice AR file’
  • Scan the file to locate the error causing the invoice
  • ‘Edit’ them by selecting Payments Today $ for ‘Field Number’ and Edit the value ‘0’ for Change.
  • Click ‘OK’ to fix the error.

The Invoice error would be resolved by now. However, in case your error still persists, or you are not able to perform the above technical operations, the SAGE Customer Support will guide you through the issue. Call them on their 24*7 customer care toll-free number +1800-986-6931 or Email them for support. Sage 100 is a versatile and very useful software to run your business. Get all the benefits of the software by ensuring you have error-free processing.

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