Use E-Filing and Reporting for Accounts Payable in Sage 50

It is possible for a Sage 50 user to perform operations such as “e-filing and reporting for accounts payable in Sage 50“. To facilitate the users in the process, the Sage 50 technical support aids in providing guidance to such operations. Although, contacting your Sage business partner can clarify any issues regarding third-party products or enhancements you might have installed.

Sage 50 E-Filing and Reporting

With the possibility of automated e-filing facilities through Sage 50 software, it becomes extremely easier for the users to manage their billing, invoices, and tax calculations. Apart from providing seamless support and benefits, Sage 50 lessens the burden on the employees and gives transparency to all operations, thereby helping manage client-customer relationships. Hence, if you are a Sage 50 user, you can employ the below-mentioned solution to e-file and report for your Accounts Payable.

Procedure for E-Filing and Reporting for Accounts Payable in Sage 50

One of the essential things to remember, before starting the operation is that Sage 50 allows you to file only once for each ‘Federal Employer ID’ and form time. [FEIN or TIN]. In case there are multiple processing runs to be done for a single 1099s, click the ‘Yes I Use Multiple Date Files for this EIN’ prompt in the 1099 SETUP WIZARD. Before beginning the process of e-filing, check if all payments are done for the reporting year and each vendor is allotted a ‘VENDOR RECEIVES A FORM 1099’ in the SETUP < VENDORS < 1099 SETTINGS. Then, begin with the e-filing as mentioned below:

  • Click on ‘VENDORS & PURCHASES’, and then ‘REPORTS’.
  • Click on the ‘1099 VENDOR REPORT’ and select ‘OPTIONS’ to pick the year to get a preview of the summary sections
  • Now, click ‘COLUMNS’ and click the information required for 1099 e-filing and select ‘OK’ and click on ‘EXCEL ICON’ to generate an excel sheet for the vendor.
  • Save the excel sheet by clicking on FILE < SAVE AS on the excel sheet. For SAVE AS TYPE, select ‘CSV’ to convert into a CSV file, which can be imported. Click on CLOSE
  • Now, select the ‘EXPLOYEES & PAYROLL’ < FORMS and click on ‘FEDERAL FORMS’ or the ‘REPORTS & FORMS < FORMS < TAX FORMS
  • To select the PAYROLL TAX-FORM, double-click on it.
  • Under the Available forms section, select the YEAR – ‘1099-MISC’ or ‘YEAR -1099-INT to set the filing period to ‘YEARLY’.
  • Click on the CURRENT YEAR, and then click ‘OK’.
  • Select ‘BROWSE’ and select the vendor report file you saved before, click NEXT < OK.
  • Click and drag column names to the appropriate box on the 1099 form, to map the columns, and click ‘MAPPING COMPLETE’ once done.
  • The 1099 SET-UP WIZARD will ask for several prompts before e-filing. Verify the information, and move on the screens by clicking ‘NEXT’, till the 1099 PRINTING AND FILING OPTIONS WINDOW appears.
  • To select my own options, pick on the forms you require to print, click NEXT, to a series of Prompts, and verify all information.
  • Click OK, once done, and NEXT STEP for checking any other forms due for e-filing
  • Once done, the Aatrix Secure window for e-filing will appear. Read the instructions, to complete the e-filing process.

Sage 50 software comes with a series of instructions for the users to follow. The Sage Customer Support team aids customers through various technical processes and troubleshooting during the process “E-Filing and Reporting for Accounts Payable in Sage 50”. If you are a new Sage 50 user or have problems with e-filing and Reporting for Accounts Payable, call the Sage 50 customer support team through the toll-free number +1800-986-6931 to avail of the benefits.

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