Sage 50 Unable to Backup

Sage 50 Unable to Back up

Unable to Create Backup Sage 50

Sage 50 accounting software is highly acclaimed program that is specially designed for the small and mediums sized businesses. The software is embedded with rich features and advanced tools that makes complex business accounting a breeze. Implementation of this software helps quick productivity and growth of the business. But there are scenarios when the software faces errors and unable to access the software. “Sage fail to back up” is one of the common Sage errors reported by the users. Fix the error instantly by reporting to the Sage support team to avoid work hindrance.


Why the Backup Failed Error Occurs:

✘ The error is caused by saving backups or other files inside the company SAJ folder

✘ Some Anti-Virus software can led to the failure of Sage 50 back-up and the subsequent lock-down of software

✘ When you do not have sufficient permissions within Sage 50 HR to carry out back-up and restore procedures


Here is Complete Steps to SAGE 50 Backup Files

☑ Process 1:

Copy file from Server Location to Desktop

✔ Open the file in the Sage program

✔ Go to file > Save a Copy > Select the desktop

✔ Save the file (remember to name the file)

✔ Close the Sage program


☑ Process 2

Copy the file from server location and paste it on the desktop. Open the company file from desktop location and create the backup file


☑ Process 3

Follow the steps:

✔ Shorten the file name

✔ Validate that if you can perform the backup


☑ Process 4

Follow the steps:

✔ Head to Setup, Settings, Company and Back-up

✔ Press Browse button under Scheduled Back-up

✔ Modify the incorrect directory to a valid directory in the local or network computer


☑ Process 5

✔ Head to File, Properties

✔ Press on Location hyperlink to open Sage 50 Accounts data location

✔ Open SAI folder for the company data

✔ Ensure there is no additional SAI folders or .CAB files in this directory


☑ Process 6:

☒ Step 1

✔ Right-click on Sage 50

✔ Click properties

✔ Uncheck the box “Run this program in compatibility mode for” in Compatibility tab

☒ Step 2

✔ Now, go to File, Properties

✔ Click on blue link to open the folder where the company data is located

✔ Create a new folder with the name “Backup”, if one does not already exist

✔ Now, enter into the .SAJ folder and validate the following:

✔ For versions 2013 and Older:


Folders:  mysql; simply

Files: ib_logfile0, ibdata1, you may also have some text files

✔ Move all .CAB files (compressed backup files) to the “Backup” folder. Also, validate in each of the subfolders, that there are no other folders or .CAB files located in them as well. If so, move them out of the .SAJ folder

✔ Create another backup and ensure to modify the path to point it to the newly created “Backup” folder

✔ Now, validate the location of the automatic backup by heading to Setup, Settings, Company, and Backup. Ensure that the path in “Scheduled Backup” is not pointing to an .SAJ folder

✔ Verify the location of the automatic backup by heading to Setup, Settings, Backup and ensure that the path in “Scheduled Backup” is not pointing to an .SAJ folder


If the error resolutions provided above differs for different scenarios. In case the error persists or you face any problem related to the Sage issue you can contact the reliable support agency Sage Chat Support number. This agency hires experienced professionals who are highly capable in handling the issues related to sage software and its related products. The Sage expert professionals handle the error and provide feasible solution in a very short time. Call to the toll free phone support number +1800-986-6931 for immediate assistance.

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