Sage Exchange Desktop Errors

Sage Exchange Desktop Errors

In this article, we will tell you in detail about how to fix the Sage exchange desktop errors and the causes of the error. The most common error in Sage is Sage exchange errors. These errors are caused mainly when you try to make payments over the Sage Payment API.

They are also known as bank errors since they limit your transactions if you find them. In this article, we will tell you in detail about how to fix the Sage exchange desktop errors and the causes of the error.

I hope, this article will be useful for you.

What is Sage Exchange

Sage Exchange is a Payment Program-certified payment platform that interfaces with any installed software application, including accounting/ERP, medication management, and property maintenance. When a user begins a credit card payment, the application makes a smooth connection to Sage Exchange Desktop, where all elements of credit card processing take place, including the storage and transfer of credit card data for apps that support this functionality.

Sage Transfer Computer provides a connection between one’s financial reporting application and Sage Exchange; therefore, if you want to use Sage Exchange, you must install and configure it. Is a simple, all-in-one payment management system that allows you to connect all kinds of financial devices to your accounting software.

Causes Sage Exchange Error

The reasons cause Sage exchange desktop errors are as follows:

  • The first reason for this error is whenever you try to make a payment this error can probably occur. 
  • The second reason is that typically, refuse codes imply that you are unable to complete payment.
  • This might be due to a lack of cash, banned transactions, expired card information, or a variety of other factors.
  • Sage Exchange Error numbers are problems that occur when a user attempts to make payments using the Sage Pay API.
  • You can also refer to them as Bank Issues since they restrict your transaction whenever you encounter them.

Ways to Fix Sage Exchange Desktop Errors

There are several Sage Error Codes, and each error has a unique fix.

  • Sage exchange decline code 000057
  • Sage exhange error code X901000
  • Sage exchange error code 000005
  • Sage exchange error code 51
  • Sage Exchange Error Codes 04, 07, 41, and 43 Below is the way to fix the error in Sage.

Error 1- Sage Exchange Decline Code 000057

Decline code 000057 service Is not Allowed- transaction Is not allowed. This error is mainly caused when there are issues in the bank transactions.

Causes and Ways to Fix Decline Code 000057

  • Cardholders must contact their issuing bank.
  • The issuing bank has placed limits on the sort of transactions that may be made (Card Not Present, In-store, etc.)
  • Check that there is a limitation just on the type of business that the card can be used at. 
  • The cardholder must contact their issuing bank for further information on these limitations.

Error 2- Sage Exchange Error Code X901000

This error is caused when there is a security violation, below are the other causes and steps to fix this error.

Causes and Ways to Fix Sage Exchange Error Code X901000

  • The error number X901000 is associated with a Sage Exchange and XML request data validation problem. 
  • This error number indicates a security violation, which means that either the Mkey or MID is not active in the Paya database, or the merchant account is not enabled for the kind of transaction being performed.     
  • This error occurs when your Mkey or MID is not active in the Sage database or merchant accounts.

Error 3- Sage Exchange Error Code 000005

This error is caused when the bank is not linked in terms of making the payment, below are the other causes and steps to fix this error.

Causes and Ways to Fix Sage Exchange Error Code 000005

  • In this error, you have to call your bank for help in resolving this problem. 
  • Click the system’s start button and navigate to Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Submit system restoration.
  • Select Next after clicking the ‘Restore my System to an earlier
  • time’ option.   
  • Choose, Next after checking the fix my computer box in the list.      
  • To resolve the issue, the user must first download the Sage Error Code 00005 fix utility package.
  • After installation, click on the scan button to begin scanning.
  • It will identify malware and anti-virus software. Restart the computer after The procedure is completed.
  • The user may be asked to link to the bank, and the bank must be notified; the user attempted to make a payment through to the bank but received an error.
  • The user must also clear the cookies.

Error 4- Sage Exchange Error Code 000051

Resolution This error is caused when you try to transfer more than the balance you have in your account, below are the other causes and steps to fix this error.

Ways to Fix Sage Exchange Error Code 000051

  •  To fix this issue, you must transfer sufficient funds into your account.

Error 5- Sage Exchange Error Codes 04, 07, 41, and 43

Fix for Sage exchange error codes 04, 07, 41, and 43, this error is caused when your card has been reported blocked or stolen, below are the other causes and steps to fix Sage exchange desktop errors.

Causes and Ways to Fix Sage Exchange Error Codes 04, 07, 41, and 43

  • These refuse numbers indicate that the card has been reported as lost, stolen, or otherwise marked for pickup by the bank account.
  • You must not return the actual card to the consumer if you have it in your possession.
  • You should keep the card and report the decline by calling the contact name on the back of the card.
  • If you don’t have the card, you may check for the issuing bank’s phone number online by typing the very first six digits of the card details into a BIN search engine.
  • The BIN is made up of these numbers and is used to recognize the bank that provided a certain card.
  • By running a search on google for ‘bin lookup,’ you may locate a variety of regularly used BIN search engines.

More Sage Declines and Payment Error Codes and Messages

SagePay Error 4020 Information Received from Invalid IP Address

SagePay Error 5080 Form Transaction Registration Failed

Sage Error 7866 Full Payment Submission

Hope the information in this article helped resolve Sage exchange desktop errors. You can now follow the steps to resolve your problem.

Do you have any other questions? Why not get in touch with us and we’ll sort things out? Our Sage professionals are available to help you anytime you need it Call +1800-986-6931.

What are the decline transitions Sage exchange errors?

Your customer’s bank will usually prevent declining transactions. The following are the most typical causes of decreased errors:

✔️ The user is entering incorrect payment card information.
✔️ The card may have expired.
✔️ Your bank account may be insufficiently funded.
✔️ Your transaction has been refused by the bank due to its location.
✔️ Your transactions may be banned owing to the bank’s fraud policies.

Mention a few decline code errors which can block the transactions?

So here are some examples of decline code errors that might stymie your transactions.

✔️ Decline Code 000057: Operation is not permitted
✔️ Error Code X901000: Authentication Violation in Sage Exchange
✔️ Decline Code 000051: Inadequate Fund

Does Sage change error occur only when someone is making an online payment?

Yes, Sage change errors occur only when someone is making an online payment on Sage Payment API.

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