Sage 300 CRE Desktop Won’t Load or Stuck on Loading

Sage 300 CRE Desktop Won't Load

In this article, you learn how to fix the Sage 300 CRE Desktop Won’t Load issue. However, there are times when the software Sage 300 CRE Desktop opens. This can be because of numerous reasons or some heavy file.

You received an error message below mentioned…

Sage 300 CRE desktop stuck on loading
Sage 300 Desktop hangs when opening

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Causes of Sage 300 CRE Desktop Won’t Load

  • It must be disconnected from the network drive.
  • There are harmful processes functioning in the system.
  • Installation of an inaccurate version of Pervasive.
  • Pervasive Software folder in the wrong location.
  • Corrupted Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • The software has been uninstalled or removed.
  • Enabled User Account Control.
  • Files on this system might have been blocked after the software was closed inaccurately.
  • Corrupted user profile.

In such a situation, the Sage customer helpdesk team is helping you call +1800-986-6931 or chat with the experienced technician’s team.

Ways to Fix the Sage 300 CRE Desktop Won’t Load Issue

Follow the below steps to fix the error Sage 300 CRE Desktop won’t load.

Ways I: Log in as Administrator or Close tsTasks.exe, Desktop.exe, and w3dbsmgr.exe (Pervasive)

  • Right-click in the Sage Accounts shortcut, and then click Properties.
  • Click on the Compatibility tab
  • Click in the text “Run this software as an administrator” dialogue box
  • Open command prompt click on Windows button >> Type CMD
  • After that type Taskkill /F /IM Desktop.exe
  • Click on Enter button, type Taskkill /F /IM tsTasks.exe, and then press Enter
  • Again type: Taskkill /F /IM w3dbsmgr.exe and then Press Enter
  • Now, Exit from Command Prompt
  • Close Sage 300 CRE Applications
    • Go Start, Run (or Search)
    • Type: Services.exe
    • Press OK or select Services.exe
    • Right-click ‘Actian PSQL Client Engine’ then select Start
    • Exit Services Console
    • Try opening Sage 300 CRE

Ways II: Uninstall Sage 300 CRE on the Hosting Server

  • A reboot of the Sage 300 hosting server
  • Close application command from windows.

Ways II: Verify the Sage Accounts Shortcut

  • If you find any Sage Accounts shortcuts in the window.
  • Then try to open the Sage software by going to the Programs tab in the Start menu.
  • If the problem still occurs, then continue to the next step.

Ways III: Momentarily Disable any Antivirus Software

  • Momentarily disable the antivirus software then start the Sage Accounts.
  • If this fixes the issue, you should change the anti-virus software to prevent Sage files and folders from further complexities

Ways IV: Update the latest version of Sage 300

Sage 300 product updates; each new edition contains several product updates that bring new functionality to the basic version of Sage 300.

  • Close  the Sage software
  • Restart the Computer
  • Right-click the latest Service Release, for instance, “ptxa2018.2.0.exe”
  • Choose the Run as administrator
  • Follow the given on-screen directions to install the latest update
  • Once the Sage update process is done, open the Sage software
  • Click Help, and then click on Sage 50 Accounting to check whether the update is properly installed or not.

We are positive enough that you are able to fix the Sage 300 CRE Desktop that won’t load by following the above solution. And your Sage account is no longer creating trouble in your work environment. However, if you find any further difficulty in solving the issue or want additional support, then our Sage customer support experts are available 24*7 to direct you as per your Sage 300 issues and queries.

Our Sage 300 support team comprises fully experienced and skilled members who properly analyze your issue and then provide the perfect solution. We recommend you to straightaway contact our Sage Tech Support helpline number +1800-986-6931, also, you can chat via live chat support.

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